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Tips To Generate More Traffic

by anonymous

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The most important thing to understand is this- No matter what methods of Internet marketing you implement, you will need a list! a good responsive list is a “traffic bomb” you can throw anytime you want anywhere you want to. Be it affiliate offers, your own products, some CPA offer, traffic to your blog post, traffic to your social media assets, you can send traffic anywhere you want, and do it immediately and free of charge.

Imagine having a targeted list of 10,000 subscribers that gets your message in their inbox in a few clicks. If you're list is responsive enough you should get around 1,000 clicks and even more, each time you make a broadcast , now it's up to you to decide how to monetize it. But the potential is unlimited- you can send yoursubscribers to an affiliate product, to your own product, to your blog post, to your Facebook page or tweeter channel, to your sale on Flippa or to your gig on Fiverr.

Market stability

Personally, I can tell you from firsthand experience what it feels like to lose your revenue source overnight without any warnings. Been there with Adsense, been there with more banned accounts on other networks, if you've been there, you probably already know this but there's nothing more unstable than to count on a source like Adsense to be your main source of revenue. And don't tell me that if you play by their rules it won't happen to you, it happens with every update to many innocent websites that haven't done anything wrong. It can be ONE of your revenue sources but not the ONLY one.

Like every good farmer knows – it's a bad idea to put all of one's eggs in the same basket...

And I'm not saying this just in the context of building email lists. It is always true- in the internet marketing game you should always build more income streams and never relay on just one. But, owning a decent email list will always be your most stable one. Since, unlike any other traffic source this traffic doesn't depend on ANYONE else but you.

Traffic Control

There are endless ways of generating traffic, after all it IS the most important thing in internet marketing. But the ways to do that costs either money per visitor (like adwords, banners etc) or a lot of effort (like doing SEO to get high search engine traffic). There is no other source I know of (with the exception of a mailing list) to get instant free traffic over and over again.

Go Big

Since we have recently launched a beta version of one of the biggest SEO platform we have ever created and about to launch another two big projects soon (you'll know when they go live, you can count on me in this matter, we've decided to create a big targeted list in the shortest time possible. I've personally dedicated a month to reading and watching almost everything valuable in this topic, did some serious research and determine a roadmap to get the 10K list as soon as possible while of course trying to spend as little money as I can.


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