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Tape library is an efficient storage device, know how?

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Data is growing immensely along with the business in all the IT companies. Most of the enterprises are looking for ways to store this large amount of data securely. Information technology is the leading business sector with multiple streams in these days. So, it is gaining huge popularity across the globe in this commercial business world. IT sector is producing large amount of data every year. They are in lack of storage devices to store and protect the information.

Normally, servers are the essential infrastructure in every organization to store and maintain the data. These servers also provide network connections within organization and offer data access to multiple users. But, the main concern with these servers is their limited storage space. If the storage limit is crossed, then the server performs very slowly. There are many external and internal  storage devices such as hard drives, solid state drives, pen drives, tape drives, Zip drives, tape media, DAS (direct attached storage), SAN(storage area network), NAS (network attached storage), LAN (local area network), X systems, tape libraries, autoloaders, Storwize and many other devices to increase the efficiency.

Tape library is one of them, which is gaining more popularity in this IT storage device world. These are specially designed for all kinds of organizations to offer more storage capacity. These libraries contain one or more tape drives and number of slots to hold cartridges. These are connected to the server directly to share the network folders and provide high speed processing power, data backup, high data storage and many more. Tapes are designed with modular disks to meet all your business needs. These are also featured with desk-side, rackmount and desktop configurations to provide high performance. These tape libraries are also called as storage systems to manage fast rising data by saving operational costs.

TS3500 is the latest version of tape library, which can support system Z, 3953 tape drive system, virtualization engine and many more. These are designed to support mainframe and open system backup and provide high scalable performance for mid range to large business enterprises. This system drives with shuttle connector to provide immense scalability and availability. These are cost effective and easily available online. You can get three to four years warranty based on the hardware specifications and performance. These days, most of the companies prefer these storage systems to improve their storage capacity and efficiency.  With this enhancement, companies can deliver the service faster without any downtime.

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