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Solar Trackers - Excellent Way to Produce Electricity

by orionsolar

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At present moment solar tracker system is really an innovative idea to save energy. There are many advantages to utilize the solar mounting system for your home as well s office. Now Solar trackers are employed to capture the sun's energy and supply DC power to the system. The panel systems are connected together into PV strings to form a solar PV array.

A typical commercial solar panel measures between 1600mm - 1800mm in length x 800mm - 1200mm wide, with a power rating of between 200W-250W per panel. However, solar panels can come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and power outputs to suit specific applications and designs. Panels can be mounted either horizontally or vertically to best fit the mounting space.

Solar mounting system can be provided either with frames for securing onto supports such as onto a roof and on ground mounted frames or supplied without frames for integration into roofs and other structures such as solar walls and building facades.

Solar power inverters convert the DC electricity provided by the solar panels into AC electricity for use in the building and for export via the mains power network. Now inverters are specified to maximize the PV output from the array whilst minimizing power losses. Inverters are sized and chosen taking account the power capability of each solar panel, the operating temperatures and the number of solar trackers in each string.

Now different solar mounting systems with different electrical and physical characteristics often justify different approaches to the type and choice of inverters that are used. A modular design may employ many small inverters whilst one or two central inverters could also be chosen based on which setup achieves the optimum output. So most inverter will come with a basic form of system monitoring and a built in DC safety disconnect. And inverters can also be supplied suitable for single two or three power systems.

On-Roof mounting is likely to be one of the more cost effective options when retrofitting a solar PV system. Most standard solar panels are supplied with aluminum frames which are designed to be securely attached to prefabricated rails. These rails are then used to secure the whole solar assembly to the roof.

In-Roof solar trackers system offers a flush finish where aesthetics are important. There is a large choice of systems that can be used to integrate with most types of roof including roof tiles, shingles and slates. In-roof mounting can be cost effective when needing to re-roof and for new builds as slates, tiles etc won't be needed in the spaces covered by the PV panels.

Now ground mounting solar system is really cost effective solution when outside space is available. These are commercially available in many types, materials and styles. Now these panels are really innovative way to keep save your energy.

Orion Solar Racking specializes in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of solar mounting system. Since its foundation, Orion Solar Racking has released a wide range of high-quality and innovative solar mounting systems. We provide roof and ground mounting solutions for residential, agriculture, industrial, government, and commercial utility grade projects. Our mission is to promote renewable energy solutions making the installation of solar trackers simple.

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