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Landing page optimization as part of SEO Columbia

by Davidmoore

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The internet is a fantastic place to do business. Not all internet entrepreneurs are smiling all the way to the bank though. In total, only a handful of new internet business startups actually leave the ground. Majority of startups totter about for a while and then collapse; they fail not because they didn't have a good product to sell or their owners didn't work hard enough but on account of poor sales. A business can't survive if it's not selling. The only way to prosper in business is by convincing as many people as possible to buy from you - in other words, marketing.


One of the most important marketing strategies and which many internet entrepreneurs overlook is Landing Page Optimization (LPO). People are familiar with SEO Columbia but they don't realize that LPO should go hand in hand with it. They pay SEO consultancy services to carry out their websites' SEO but rarely do they ask for guidance on LPO. A landing page is the page people are directed to when they click on an ad, a link posted in a forum, or a result returned by a search engine. LPO therefore entails working on the landing page so that when potential customers land on it they'll be encouraged to stick around, read the message you have put there for them to see, and hopefully accept to follow through with what you are asking them to do say purchase an item, subscribe to a newsletter, or download a trial version of a software. LPO should thus be seen as part and parcel of SEO Columbia and so as you hire an SEO consultancy to do your site's SEO you should also get advice on appropriate LPO.


So, what does LPO entail? The gist of LPO, as a thorough search engine optimization consultancy would advice, is making sure that once a potential customer arrives on your landing page, he/she will have no reason to exit before responding to your call of action. To start with therefore, a landing page must have a very clear call to action; you mustn't do a hard sell though because hard selling invokes suspicion in people. Provide a clear, clickable link for people to click on. If visitors have to go through a series of steps, break them down in a logical sequence and prepare the visitors by clearly informing them about these steps. People don't like to click on a button only to be dragged through a rigmarole they weren't anticipating.


Ensure that the message on the landing page is very precise; jargon or convoluted explanations will only encourage visitors to leave the page fast. In addition, avoid giving too much information on the landing page because most people don't have the patience to read volumes. Additionally, make sure that your landing page meets the potential customers' expectations. When people click on a link they do so expecting to find something they are interested in - imagine their irritation when they arrive at the landing page and fail to find what they expected. This is certainly no way to secure new customers.


LPO calls for extra work but you can hire a reputable SEO consultancy - replete with people who are well versed in all forms of internet marketing - to take care of it.


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