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The Perks of Having San Jose Alternative Medicine Therapies

by maragaretschmitz

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According to a report published in CBS SF Bay Area News, San Jose is where citizens enjoy the longest life spans compared to some other city in the country. Approximately, men are said to reach 79 years old, while most women live to 82. The trick for this durability isn't known, however it's safe to say it's largely in part to the residents' positive frame of mind.

Along with this positive attitude comes open-mindedness to new and different suggestions, and a good example of this is how locals have welcomed alternative medicine in San Jose. As you may recognize, alternative medicine is any health practice that does not fall along the lines of standard Western medicine. Here are some of the most basic ones:.


The Chinese philosophy of yin and yang is credited for bringing this practice to the fore. Yin and yang are two contrasting forces governing various aspects of life consisting of physical health. An imbalance in these two forces is believed to trigger certain kinds of ailments. In acupuncture, acupuncturists make use of thread-thin metal needles to promote the points along specific energy pathways for chi (balance) to stream easily.

Massage Therapy.

Improved muscle condition and better blood circulation are thought to be achieved by manipulating body tissues with knead-like hand strokes. They're additionally believed to help reduce swelling and ease discomfort linked with musculoskeletal conditions. A lot of clients who have dealt with a wide range of medical conditions like arthritis and paralysis have benefitted from therapeutic massage.

Supplements and Herbal Therapies.

This is a kind of healthcare treatment that makes use of fresh or dried herbs in the form of supplements. In some cases, the natural herbs may be absorbed the form of teas, tinctures, or topical creams to give vital nutrients which the body should have. Organic remedies also include combining different kinds of natural herbs to develop a healing steam to heal tension or depression.

Bach Flower Essence Therapy.

This treatment was conceived by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930s based upon the belief that emotions contributed much to a person's health. Flower essence therapy is said to heal the emotional sources of diseases. To learn more on alternative medicine treatments and therapies for integrative medicine in San Jose, visit

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