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Christmas Abroad

by brandonn2805

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Some people don’t like to travel with the crushing mass of tourists that leave the British Isles every August, especially not with all the screaming babies and misbehaving children that these excursions seem to bring. They can take breaks in the spring or the autumn when it’s still warm, but not sweltering, and when things are a lot quieter. Few people ever talk about winter holidays though: it seems to be a habit reserved for the retired and the exceptionally wealthy. Even the average spend over Christmas though, with all the presents, the dinners, the parties, the cheeky trips to a cheap escort, the drinks, the taxis, it all adds up. More and more men, both single and with families, are choosing to have their festive celebrations abroad, and it’s little wonder.

The sheer variety of choice and location is truly sensational. Those after something hot could do worse than looking at Morocco. With its dusty roads, mud walls and donkeys, there’s certainly a biblical feel to the area. It’s rather like being thrown back in time, to the origin of the christmas tradition, and that atmosphere really hits the spot for many travellers. Whether or not the British should celebrate christmas in the sun is another matter. It’s true that the isles are rarely sunny over the festive period and the usual backdrop to the opening of presents is biting cold, thick sheets of ice or pouring rain. It can be nice to have a change though, and unless planning to spend christmas every year, the whole point of someone going on holiday is to get away from their usual routine and try something a little different. The heat makes things a lot more relaxed and easy as well, as there’s no need to huddle inside, hence why a lot of men visiting Morocco choose to indulge themselves with a cheap escort as they saunter around the sites.

For a truly special christmas though, two places rule supreme. Both of them are city breaks. Both of them are cities that are teeming with tourists at every other time of the year. Both are iconic holiday destinations, capable of wowing even the most weary Brit. Yet, both are entirely different experiences. New York’s towering skylines make for an impressive festive scene and the atmosphere in the parks and on the streets is an excited one. There, the buzz of christmas hangs in the air, electrifying sleepy visitors and infusing them with energy and passion. With its large collection of iconic shops, many tourist attractions and seemingly endless possibilities, New York is quickly becoming the “it” spot for Christmases abroad. A lesser known alternative is Venice. Even though the streets may heave with visitors during the summer months, Venice is beautifully serene and wonderful over the festive period. It’s the perfect chance to see the city at its most peaceful and undisturbed, and there’s a real sense of welcome that drives people back year after year. Everyone there, every street vendors, shop owner, cheap escort, hotelier and ordinary citizen, embraces the spirit of the season and looks to bring a little magic to the sleeping city.


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