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Know something before buying Tottenham tickets

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The English professional soccer season is in great flow during the months between August and April in every season. During this soccer season many world tourists take opportunity to witness one of the capital’s top teams playing each other at some point of their stay in London. Local London teams are well represented in the Premier League, while the famous Tottenham which is based in the Northern part of the great London. The Tottenham team has massive fans across the country that come to watch the team’s action in every season. Tottenham tickets are being sold in premium when the team clashes with its fierce local rival Arsenal team. As a soccer fan one has to know the history of the Tottenham team which has a long history.

History of Tottenham Hotspur and team’s attire

As per the old history records the Horspur FC was initially formed by a group of teenagers in North London in the year 1882. The team has selected its name from the Shakespeare’s Henry IV descendents who owned the neighborhood lands in the local area. However there are no records or evidences of what the team has worn during its first game. The very first AGM was held in 1883 in which it was decided that the cheap jersey with navy blue color will be the official jersey of the good old club. Later the letter ‘H’ was added on a red shield and the combination of red and navy has later became the official color of the Tottenham Hotspur FC.

In the year 1885,the team Spurs entered the popular London Association Cup and started their first competitive match against the less known St Albans and won the match with an incredible 2-0 win. The match photos taken during this fixture shows the team has worn the Maltese Cross on the shoulders of the players. Later the letter ‘H’ was used and worn in the shoulder. By slow and steady the ‘spurs’ have become professionals in the game of soccer and were respected well from 1890 onwards. Five years later the Tottenham FC was elected to the famous Southern League and the team has moved its base to the White Hart Lane. The club’s official historian Andy Porter confirms the color of the jerseys worn by the players is considered to be more important to the fans that support the team in the past several decades. Thus one can conclude that the jerseys used by the players influence the fans to a great extent in creating enthusiasm among them.

Knowing the history of jerseys used by the soccer team seems to be more meaningful to the genuine fans which generate more enthusiasm. The popular team got its name changed to Tottenham Hotspur in the year1884 in order to avoid confusion with the older Hotspur soccer club that was formed in 1878. For buying the Tottenham Hotspur tickets and to know more about the history of the club in all aspects, one can log on to and book tickets for the next season to avoid disappointment.

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