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Busty escorts are the best thing to happen to the feminist

by ConnorOswald

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Boob ladies, welcome. We know how hard it can be to carry on with your normal duties when so many feel the need to comment on your generously stacked rack. Instead, we say do not shy away from what you have. The boob job industry is a massive thing, with billions being spent each year on ladies having their breasts done.

Let’s be honest, if you ask a woman what she would change about herself, they might say tummy, or even reduce some of the lines under their eyes. Most of the time, however, they opt for the boobs, but cover it well by saying, only if I have kids. It seems that this type of cosmetic procedure might be something to be ashamed of. Many celebrities avoid commenting on the speculation that they’ve had the ladies enlarged, and it’s not really something you would openly book holiday for from work. There seems to be a select number, however, that are proud of their bodies because of what opportunities can come because of them. For example, those ladies who become busty escorts.

It’s no secret that those working in the escort industry in London are required to be in top physical condition. Whilst there are the select few clients who require something a little less mainstream, picture dropping a sack of spuds onto a gentleman’s belly, the most are looking for the toned figures they’ve become accustomed to in the magazines. But the agencies sort the ladies into aesthetic categories so many are thought to play up to these, making full use of the bodies they are blessed with. But do the busty escorts in London do great amounts to support the feminist movement? We think so. It’s clear that being an escort is a choice that not many would choose. But that could be said about joining the army. We find it empowering that these ladies have choice, the choice to do whatever they want to do. Fifty years ago, probably even less, women were expected to cook, clean and bear the children. This didn’t present much life prospects. For those that have seen hit show Mad Men, they will understand just what life could have been like. Now, it’s a whole different ball game, with big-boobed ladies option to become a busty escort.

Owning it with every last bit of their curvaceous figures, the busty escorts London has to offer are never short of admirers, which just goes to show what a good job they do. And all because of their soft and supple mounds of flesh that are displayed so proudly. We think any woman that has had a breast augmentation, for whatever reason, should not be ashamed of it. They should be proud. Having done it for no-one else but themselves, they need to remember that and whack out the tight dress. We think they look drop-dead gorg.


Based on the outskirts of South East London, Connor Oswald has a BA in Journalism and writes about the wonderful and the fabulous in the city.  He is the author of this article on Busty Escorts London. For more information Contact Here.

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