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How to apply for jobs in event security industry

by liyo89

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Event security can be a tough job, but, if you think you’re up for it you should definitely give it a try. There are a few ways to insure that you will make the most out of your application, but, first, you have to be decided about it. If you’re going to apply for a company which works in a particular area, chances are there won’t be many other alternatives, sometimes security companies, especially in smaller areas are not very densely populated.


What is on your CV?

Like any job scouting, the first thing to do is to make sure that your CV stands out. Most of the event security guards have a background in some form of physical activity, sport, contact sport or other athletic fields. So, on your CV you should always mention if you’ve played any sport professionally, of you have practiced any contact sport or martial discipline. Also, former careers in the military can count towards making sure you get the job ahead of others.


But, it is not only about being a physically fit person. VIP close protection companies will also require you to work and co-ordinate with others, to respect the rank of the other members of your team and furthermore, to be able to process information rapidly and make fast decisions.


But, also, being able to communicate with the public, being generally sociable is again a great feature to have. Make sure you list all of the experience you’ve had that is related to team work or management of situations, teams, etc.


How can I find security industry jobs?

There are different sources where you can find such job openings, some of which will ask for operatives, others will ask for management positions and so on. In this article we look at personnel directly involved in securing premises, whether objectives or individuals.

So, the first place to start looking is online. The generally available job repositories might from time to time yield jobs that are based in the security sector. However, you can always move a step forwards and apply yourself proactively.


Scout for the actual headquarters of the companies in your area, or in the area you would like to live in. After you’ve located them, make sure you have a few copies of your CV with you, physical as well as in digital form, stored online for easy location, and then ask if that bodyguard company in London is looking to hire. Always mention the exact position that you’re interested in and don’t ask to leave a CV unless the reply is positive.


The interview

If you get selected for an interview, you have to pay attention to a few details that are very important in the first moments when you’re making contact. Learn as much about the company as you can, know what their security services are all about and as much as possible about their history. Other than that, don’t make any statements that may contradict your written CV and ask your questions politely to insure that the interviewer will remember you.

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