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How to take blackheads away

by cooky24

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Blackheads are named blackheads because they appear as a dark or black bump in the skin. They are a very common type of acne caused by a plug in the sebaceous glands. Oils natural to your skin build up in excess and plug up the glands and bacteria builds up behind it. When this plug is exposed to air, it oxidizes and the top of it turns a dark color. Whiteheads occur in a similar fashion but are not exposed to oxygen, keeping them lighter in color. Both blackheads and whiteheads are referred to as comedones and are considered to be a non-inflamed type of acne.

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How to take away from your body, please follow these:

1 、Thoroughly wash the area of your skin that has a blackhead.

2 、Place a warm, wet washcloth over the blackhead for several minutes. Then, dry the skin around the blackhead.

3 、Place a finger on either side of the blackhead, and gently push your fingers together, digging them into the skin. Do not squeeze too hard, as applying too much pressure may lead to scarring. If the pressure of your fingers begins to feel painful, you are squeezing too hard.

4 、Wipe the area of the body with blackheads one to two times per day with an over-the-counter blackhead removal pad. These kinds of pads contain chemicals that lift oil and dead skin cells from pores, and will help, over time, to clear that material out of pores.

5 、Use pads three or four times a day if you do not see results after applying the pads one to two times a day. Everyone’s skin is different, and yours may produce more excess oil than most.

6 、See a dermatologist if blackheads persist. A dermatologist may be able to provide prescription treatments or identify an underlying problem that is giving you blackheads.

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