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April Fool's Day

by cooky24

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April Fool’s Day is also called Wan Yu Festival, it is a traditional folk festivals in Western society. In April 1st, a family often gathering, daffodils and daisies decorated the room. A typical traditional approach is to leave the environment layout; the room can be arranged like Christmas, Can also be arranged so as to spend the new year, when guests come, then congratulations to them "Merry Christmas" or" Happy New Year", it is interesting and unique.You can check the hotel details in:, and find more atrractions of there from
About the origin of April Fool's Day is a lot, but more generally, Fool's Day originated in France. In 1564, France reforms a new calendar instead of the Gregorian calendar, with January 1st as the beginning of the year. But some fuddy-duddy opposed this reform, still according to the lunar calendar to send a gift to others in April 1st, to celebrate the New Year. The Advocators of the reform laugh at the old person. Smart funny person in the April 1st will give them false gifts, invited them to participate at the reception, and called the cheated with “April fool" or "bait fish". Then, people in April 1st will fool each other become a popular custom in France. At the beginning of eighteenth Century, April Fool's Day custom spread to England, the early British immigrants bring it to America.
The typical activity is to make fun of others. Walking in the street, someone may point at your shoes say:" Your shoelace is untied" .Students may deceive the classmates there is no class today. No matter what kind of joke, everyone is happy good.

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