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3 Reasons For Choosing Hand Car wash

by anonymous

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Automatic car wash has been popular ever since it was invented.  The convenience of taking your car through the machine for only a few minutes instead of spending hours cleaning the car by hand is preferred by many. However, over the years many people have started to reconsider the decision to pick automatic car cleaning. Washing the car by hand has many benefits and is preferred because of the level of detail that can be realized compared to a machine with revolving brushes. Here are a few reasons why you would want to choose Hand detailing instead of machine wash.

Personal Touch

A hand car wash is superior to a machine wash because of the level of detail that is applied when cleaning the car. When your car is washed by hand, the cleaner uses a hand held cleaning tools. These tools are low pressure sprays that have a much lower pressure than the machines they use for automatic cleaning.

Automatic car cleaners use a high amount of pressure which has been known to cause scratches on the body work of the car. Hand washing the car means the cleaner will wash every single inch of your car and can spot areas that need specialized attention.

Specialized Services

There are things that the automatic car cleaning machines cannot do. Interior car detailing needs a personal touch and a specialized hand. You can always have you car washed by the machine, then take it for interior detailing. However it is always best to pair the two in order to save money. You can always negotiate a discount which could help you save money while at the same time get your car thoroughly cleaned. If when hand washing, the cleaner spots a scratch on your car, he could always apply a number of techniques to help cover it. This includes, buffering, rustproofing , waxing etc.

Issues with Automatic Cleaning

There have been reports of car antennas and other debris getting stuck onto the brushes of car cleaning machines and as a result ends up leaving visible scratches on the car’s body work. This is one of the issues that have made many people to reconsider automatic car wash.

The brushes also tend to accumulate dirt –especially slime- over a period of time. This means if you happen to take your car through it, your car will end up being cleaned by a filthy brush, which defeats the purpose of cleaning the car in the first place. The water used to clean the car is sometimes recycled without proper purification.

An automatic wash has its place and is suitable for cleaning the car when you are in a hurry, but if you need a proper detailing then hand washing is the way to go.

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