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Ways of Cleaning Truck Wheel System.

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As trucks drive through dusty roads or other job sites that are full of rocks and mud, truck drivers must have proper wheel and tire cleaning system to prevent them from having dusty clogs from a site. Clean truck wheel systems have a better service life and are more durable. Mud and cement can block up the friction parts of your motor and in tern cause early wear on all the wheel parts.


Proper wheel maintenance does not have to be rocket science. With a few steps correctly followed, you can be sure that your wheels will serve you for longer. Below are a few steps you need to keep in mind to effectively clean your track wheels:


The fist step is to rinse the truck up on floor jacks in two steps.  Clean the front and back wheel arrangement one at a time to prevent any serious injury by placing the truck on four jacks at one time. Using a hydraulic lift for better control because this will ensure that the truck is stable during the lift


In this second step you need to spray the entire wheel with water using a high-pressure hose pipe to remove all the dirt that is visible. The wheel consists of the tires, wheels, brakes, suspension units, axles and the drive shaft. Ensure that you do not spray a lot of water in the brake linings if you intend to drive the truck soon after washing.


Carefully inspect the parts of the wheel while you are under it. As the water drains off the parts, run your hand along the axles to ensure that all the wheel parts are tight and that there is no corrosion build up available.


Scrub using a steel wool to remove any and then properly check to see if there are any futher damages on the wheel system. Continue scrubbing to remove   dirt, clumps of dried cement and rust. Spray the wheel system again after working on the tough damage spots. Recheck the whole wheel to ensure that you have removed   all the potential damaging rust and chemicals off the wheels parts.


Lower the truck from the lift and clean the tires, outside wheels and hubcaps using a hand sponge and heavy-duty soap. Then finally spray rubber cleaner, for instance as Armor All on the tires and then wipe off with a dry fabric. Polish chrome rims.If you correctly follow the above steps you can’t go wrong when it comes to proper wheel system maintenance.



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