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How to Conduct Business Correspondence?

by anonymous

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Working with people in large companies involves constant interaction with the departments, with the head office, with direct supervision, with colleagues, business partners and customers. Currently, this communication is often done via e-mail and in particular - business letters. Therefore, it is important to communicate properly.
There are a few simple rules. Read, memorize and apply!
1. Discard the flood! In business correspondence do not put a lot of exclamation points and question marks, emoticons, etc. A message like "And long we have to wait????!!!! ((((((((((((", does not seriously apprehended by any expert who read it. And do not be surprised if this letter will answer: "Boy, get older." Remember, you are writing a business letter, so do not share your impressions of the weekend with his girlfriend.
2. If you are writing a business letter, write it correctly! Punctuation should be placed correctly; the words are spelled correctly, intonation should be transferred correctly. If you cannot write competently, learn! In the meantime, do not get down in business correspondence with others.
3. Many people simply forget that a very important part of a business letter: the greeting! No matter what the subject of your letter, always remember to respectfully greet potential interlocutor. The lack of support - bad form! This should not be allowed even on the market or in a stall.
4. It is unacceptable to forget about elementary courtesy. No matter how much and how far you want to ask your buddy to proceed, it must be done as well ("Send to competently"). But seriously - your letter can be readable by a man, an employee of the company, which is totally to blame for the situation you describe him and not to be rude to him are unreasonable, you are not eligible.
5. If you write a letter, it means that there is a reason. The text of the letter should clearly convey your problem interlocutor (wishes, requirements) and end with a phrase like:
"I hope for your help in this matter."
"I am looking forward to hear from you as soon as possible."
"I ask you to take positive action to address the problem."
Write a letter just to throw out the emotions at him, unacceptable! When you start writing a letter, always ask yourself, "Why am I doing this?” Letter with the text "Bob got paid more than I do!” is outrageous and will be ignored by the banal companion (Ironically, letters with similar content are written very often.)
6. End of the letter is important, however, than the beginning. Do not forget to wish your buddy a good day, all the best, good mood, or at least a polite goodbye. This is at least for a drop; it will lift the mood and create a good impression about you. In the end, ask yourself who you want to continue to communicate - with the hysterics who hate everything and everyone, or with adequate partners?
7. And the last. Your letter must be constructed as follows:
Greetings - the issue with the situation, your demand, desire - the completion of writing (parting with someone).
Never forget that you yourself create your own reputation within the <a href=""> business setup </a>. I hope these guidelines will help to avoid mistakes when writing letters. Good luck to you!

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