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Suzuki Burlington Car Service: Enduring in the Industry

by clintmoore

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Filing for a Chapter 11 bankruptcy, Suzuki in the US stepped down, with the wish to reform the business and concentrate on ATVs and motorcycles. This came as a bit of a shock for Suzuki owners and some specialists, but not so much for others. Is a perilous cloud looming over Suzuki owners in Canada?

The situation's not the same in Canada, points out Bill Porter, Suzuki's senior vice president for auto sales and marketing. As a matter of fact, the Japanese maker of compact and fuel-efficient autos has been prospering much better in Canada than in the U.S. It appears like automobile dealerships furnished with Burlington car service will remain to sell Suzuki autos well into the future. The idea of a major restructuring never crossed Suzuki Canada's head--and it aims to keep it that way.

In a Globe and Mail report, Suzuki Canada's car sales increased by 28 percent from the previous month, allowing it to rebound from its losses last year. With over 60 Suzuki providers in Canada, the business ascertained its consumers that services will continue in spite of its loss in the USA market. It is good news, without a doubt, and Suzuki owners want to stay positive.

In a record, Porter also pointed out that the business had lately given the Grand Vitara and SX4 compact a huge facelift. According to Porter, these two vehicles are still flourishing in the Canadian vehicle industry in addition to the SX4 sedan version. The way Porter sees the situation, Suzuki Canada is far from withering away.

With this encouraging announcement, there's no need to dash to Burlington car dealerships to buy the last of the Suzuki cars. Actually, the USA seems to be the only Suzuki car market negatively impacted by low sales. The vehicles will go on to be sold in other parts of the globe, like in Japan. At the same time, Quebec is a prime target market for the business in Canada, but Ontario will not be excluded of what's new with Suzuki.

Not encouraging? You can check out the interview with Porter by studying the write-up at You can also review a relevant report regarding the state of Suzuki Canada at

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