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Burlington Car Service on Speed Limits: Issue of Preference

by clintmoore

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In Ontario, the streets and freeways have a speed limit set at 100 km/h. Nevertheless, a coordinated request called Stop 100 is asking for a 20 to 30 km/h rise in the present speed limit. With arguments such as "speed kills" at large, what could possibly be a convincing reason for this?

In an unofficial survey on the concern, more than eight out of ten voters sided with Stop 100 and chose to increase the speed limit. Meanwhile, the Ontario Ministry of Transportation disputed that "speed kills," and the authorization of such a petition would just make the highways of Ontario more dangerous. True enough, people have come to discover that the wrong speed at the wrong location is an expensive error. Accident damage comes at a high price, even in a budget friendly car service in Burlington.

Writing for, Ian Law pointed out that speed doesn't kill; if it did, people won't even think of taking to the skies where travel is ten times quicker. High-speed collisions weren't exactly induced by high speed, but by individuals driving at high speeds at the inopportune place and at the inopportune time. Plainly, Stop 100 isn't recommending negligent driving.

The debate raises an essential aspect on being a dependable and wise driver. It makes sense that when rush hour kicks in, autos on even the most open motorways ought to slow down. A thoughtful motorist would ease up on the accelerator and go with the traffic movement.

An additional interesting fact is that many people would in fact choose to drive a little slower, specifically looking at the concern of rising fuel prices. Car dealerships in Burlington state vehicles use more fuel the faster you go. Consequently, it's really your decision if you choose to burn a hole through your pocket while driving fast and furious.

To know more about the campaign to increase speed limits in Ontario, you can visit the Stop 100 website at For results of the survey, in addition to opinions relating to the call for a greater speed limit, visit As of today, the poll is still going so it's not too late to designate your vote.

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