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Lenovo ThinkPad Twist review

by nonwovenbag

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Generally speaking, I like the look of the newest ThinkPad lineup. The Twist has the same matte texture as the X1 Carbon, though here it's a slightly brownish purple instead of the sleek black, and is accented by a silver strip around the edges. When it's closed, the 0.8-inch-thick device is pretty handsome — the rounded corners and sloped front, plus the slight underbite of its lid to make room for the hinge, make it look and feel slick and professional. There's a silver Lenovo logo in the left corner, and an angled ThinkPad logo wrapping the corner on the right. The dot above the "i" in ThinkPad also glows when the machine is on, which seems like a nice idea, but waking up in the middle of the night and seeing a blinking red light is a little disconcerting.

The Twist is a business laptop. It's for People Who Get Things Done, and People Who Know Things, and Very Important People. So Lenovo crammed the kitchen sink into the laptop’s sides, offering as large a port selection as I’ve seen on an ultrabook. You get a SIM card slot (for adding mobile data to your Twist), a full-size SD card reader, Gigabit Ethernet, two USB 3.0 ports, a mini HDMI port,This design uses the same small radial section as drawn cup needle roller bearing which make better use of reduced space a MiniDisplay Port, and a headphone jack — it’s a tough list to beat on any device this size.

The clean, simple look of the Twist’s exterior disappears as soon as you open the lid. There's another blinking ThinkPad logo on the right side of the palmrest, exactly where it is on the lid — it creates a cool visual effect as you open up the laptop and the logo never moves. But the Twist is otherwise just too... busy. There are stickers in two different places: on the palmrest and on the bezel above the screen, which might be the only place worse than the palmrest. They're incredibly distracting,USB Flash Drive Savory Food. Carry these cool "food" USB Flash Drive with you, and you'll have no trouble in some usb sticks and I've never peeled them off so fervently or so quickly.80% OFF buy discount cheap microsoft office 2007,MS Office Professional, Ultimate, Standard Download at download version or boxset version Below the screen, there's even more to look at: a Lenovo logo, a Windows button, volume controls, the word "Twist" in case the other logos weren't enough, and an icon indicating the location of the power button. It's all done in service of making the Twist more useful as a tablet, but it's just ugly and cluttered.

At 12.5 inches,The new MIPP is a termination Patch Panel that need to be connected to active equipment. the Twist's display is slightly smaller than I'm used to — I see more 13-inch screens than anything else — but since the resolution is still 1366 x 768, I didn't really notice the difference. Since pixels are slightly more tightly packed, text and touch targets can be slightly smaller than on some other devices, but it was never much of a problem. The resolution is totally adequate when you use the Twist like a laptop, with the screen a couple of feet from your face, but when you bring it closer to you (as you might when using it like a tablet), you'll definitely notice individual pixels and jaggies. A 1600 x 900 panel like the one on the Yoga 13 might help that problem a bit, and a 1080p screen like the Zenbook Prime's would be ideal — though that causes its own problems with touch targets and UI elements, and I'm guessing Lenovo can't sell a laptop for $899.99 with a display that high-res anyway.

The screen itself is quite good, an IPS display with excellent viewing angles and wonderful color reproduction and contrast — blacks are deep and whites pearly, which in turn makes every other color pop just a little bit more. The touchscreen is impressively responsive, both to edge gestures and general interaction. I was worried about gestures,promotional usb sticks are a fun option for customizing your company's USB sticks and offering them as gifts to potential customers. which were a bit of a problem on the Yoga 13, but they worked exactly as advertised here.

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