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Children’s Dentists in London know that there’s no use Rushi

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Every little girl wants to be a fairy, with their beautiful dresses, sparkly wings and magic fairy wand. Fairies open a fantasy world for children’s imaginations. There’s flower fairies: Disney fairies, and the fairies that sing and play at the bottom of the garden, but the most famous fairy has to be the one that brings you golden coins - the Tooth Fairy.

The tooth fairy is a fictional character who lives in Tooth Fairyland and has helpers that put each individual tooth in its own special box. Using magic she travels on a fairy flight whilst children are sleeping, and replaces their teeth with a monetary delight. A child’s first Tooth Fairy experience is always the most exciting and most children lose their first tooth at the age of five. A tooth can remain loose for a while and Children’s dentists in London know that there’s no use rushing it. The adult tooth that precedes it will eventually push the baby tooth out of the way.

But how can you get a child to the dentist for the first time? They may be worried it might hurt or be fearful of meeting the dentist for that initial step. Dental treatment for children is child-friendly and waiting rooms often have toys and books to keep children entertained whilst they wait for their appointment. They often receive a sticker at the end of their appointment as a reward for being so brave.

To eradicate any fears, you could always play the Magic Tooth Fairy board game beforehand, where a play tooth is placed under a magic pillow and turns into money in front of their very eyes (with the help of special fairy wand). The game even recreates the wobbly-tooth dilemma - to pull it out or not to pull it out? But the Tooth Fairy’s success doesn’t just stop at costumes and merchandise, it was even made into a comedy film in 2010 and was a box office hit. Two years on and the Tooth Fairy is no stranger to technology and even has her own webpage, where you can ask her that pulsing question.

A tooth fairy provides comfort to children in the loss of their tooth and is a very trusting custom.
Children like to feel cared for and believe everything that an adult says. It’s important for them to get to know their pediatric dentistry in london, and because they specialise in preventative dentistry for children, they know first-hand how to help the mini adults look after their teeth, by explaining everything clearly beforehand.

But like everything nowadays the price for a tooth has risen in cost and placing one under your pillow today will earn a child nothing short of a pound - all whilst they are sleeping. All we need to do is sprinkle a little fairy dust and keep the magic alive.

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