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R-Quest NS2100 Disc Publisher

by riverproaudio

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R-Quest UK is the single authorised UK and European R-Quest distributor that is renowned for delivering CD/DVD/Blu-Ray publishing systems. They are pioneer in bringing robotics and printing solutions and have been the leading choice of the European market for so many years.

Following the successful NS 4500, the multimedia leader again has come up with a next-generation robotic disc publisher that is designed with full function and performance. R-Quest is recognised for making high tech multimedia systems catering to small to large integrated network applications.

R-Quest NS2100 utilises TrueNet software that easily permits users to publish and login discs through java-enabled web browsers. The software is compatible with all versions of Windows, Linux and Mac OSX platforms so you don’t need to fix any installing device or software.

TrueNet FX is one of the most comprehensive disc publishing software these days. It is running with any java-enabled web browser such as Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. Apart from this, it also offers:

1. Drag and drop mastering

2. It can process multi-discs up to 99 discs per set including CD/ DVD and Blu-Ray

3. You can edit and update jobs real-time

4. It has built-in label designer with dynamic user-defined form fields

5. email event notification

6. full system lodging

R-Quest NS2100 Features:

1. Capacity: 150
2. Drives: 2 x DVDRW drives
3. Burn Speed: DVD±R 18x, Dual Layer 8x & CD - 48x
4. Resolution: 4800 dpi
5. Print Engine: 4 colour
6. Print Speed: 45 seconds (full coverage)
7. Operating System: Standalone or TrueNet LX browser based control
8. Loading: Fully Automated
9. Media Size(s): 12cm CD/DVD
10. Network Software: TrueNet LX
11. Cartridges: FlashJet II cartridges

With NS2100 Disc Publisher, you can also receive notification on email regarding:

1. Job Start
2. Job Complete
3. Low Media
4. Job Error
5. Job Delayed
6. Print Supplies Empty
7. Media Empty
8. Low Print Supplies

The ground-breaking design of the disc publisher also made administration a breeze. During power failure, jobs are automatically restored and restarted. It has stand-alone mode that features all core job functions: audit, print, copy and compare with no internet connectivity. It has full system diagnosis through its integrated LCD/touchpad.

It is self-operating without the need for additional software and anti-virus. It is also equipped with easy mail set-up, low media and low print threshold set up. With complete logging features such as user activity, job activity, robotics movement, recorder activity, media levels and printer supply levels, you will be able to monitor your ongoing work and the capacity of the device.

River Pro Audio is a premier UK shop for all types of media products such as disc publisher, Dvd copier, NS2100 Disc Publisher, ink cartridge and R-Quest NS2100 many more.

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