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Tourism Information – Sylhet, Bangladesh!

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Bangladesh has one the largest Muslim communities in the world, with Islam being designated as the official religion of the country. About 88 percent of the residents in Bangladesh practice the Islamic faith.

Sylhet called the land of 360 saints. It is one of the most popular tourist spots of Bangladesh. Sylhet is situated in north-eastern region of the country and located on the northern bank of the Surma River. Sylhet is dotted with lakes, thick forests and fruit gardens, abounds in wildlife.

Sylhet has also a very interesting and rich history, Before the conquest by the Muslims, it was ruled by local chieftains. In 1303, the great Saint Hazrat Shah Jalal came to Sylhet from Delhi with a band of 360 disciples to preach Islam and defeated the then Raja Gour Gobinda. Sylhet thus became a district of saints, shrines.

Sylheti attachment to their regional identity also continues in the efforts of many Sylhetis to keep marital relationships within the same regional cultural background. Sylheti people are considered as a distinct ethnic group in Bangladesh;this is mainly because of language differences between the standard Bengali and Sylheti, and they are fiercely protective of their language.

Restaurants and Bars

The restaurants and bars in Sylhet are the best places for the foodies who want to sample some of the local delights. One of the famous restaurants which have carved a niche for itself among the restaurants and bars in Sylhet is Hotel Anurag. Some of the famous items include dishes like the fish dopeeja, bhapa Ilish patey an item cooked with paste of mustard seeds and cream. The Hilsha fish along with the paste are mixed together and the whole item is cooked in steam.

Although Sylhet is a small city in comparison to the capital, it has been transformed drastically over the years. The construction industry in Sylhet is currently booming, with many shopping centres and apartments being built to luxurious standards. It has been described as one of the wealthiest cities in the country . The skyline of the city is mainly dominated by large buildings of western-style shopping malls, which has been the largest investments made by the expatriates.

Shopping in Sylhet
Sylhet is every shopper's dream destination. Tours in Sylhet will be incomplete without a visit to all these grand shops which are the best places to find some of the renowned international brands. Shopping in Sylhet will be an experience worth remembering as you will find something of your choice in the shops in and around Sylhet. Sylhet shopping includes visit to all the leading shopping malls like the Bluewater, Plaza and Shukria Market, Al Hamara Shopping Centre and the Millennium Manru.

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