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What to Look for in Designer Radiators to get the best one

by davein

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As the cold winter days approach, taking a shower in a cold bathroom could be risky. One way to reduce the chances of contracting hypothermia is by installing one of the designer radiators currently available in the market. These radiators are the modern type heating solutions that have come to replace the gothic and old school heaters that we once knew. The new heating option is one that is created with style and usability in mind. Covering lesser space and providing similar solutions as the conservative heaters but at a much cheaper cost and far more uses.

The designer radiators are know for their hands on approach; they have a sophisticated look and further more, they are far more better than the previous option. The radiators are not only being used as heaters, but also as towel racks to hang, dry and warm towels. They are more effective as they consume lesser space through their vertical approach style. Most of these radiators are created to be placed on a wall and head up vertically towards a ceiling; conserving more space and area.

When out looking for a designer radiator, there are several things that you need to check out. These issues are essential to ensure that you get what you look for.

Style and design

Ensure that your radiator will match your bathroom setting and theme. As there are plenty of designs available, finding a cool and well crafted heater that will suit your bathroom is not impossible. Consider different designer radiators and choose the best of them all and that will suit your need.

Purpose for your radiator

If you need a radiator that will act both as your heater and towel rack, then you should consider looking at the different options available. However, there are several new design radiators that are meant to just be used as heaters. It is upon you to choose the one that suits you better.


How much you are going to acquire the radiator for will also matter. Some designer radiators can be rather expensive; nonetheless, there are some that are quite cost effective. This will mostly depend on the material that is used to make your radiator.

Heat output

The amount of heat your radiator emits is essential. If you live in colder regions of England or Europe, you need a radiator that produces more heat for a warmer bathroom.

Designer Radiators are great add-on and accessory in your bathroom. They increase appeal and the general aspect of your bathroom, not forgetting the vital role they play of heating it up.

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