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Canadian Sponsorship Visa is in Great Demand

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A lot of people migrate to Canada because Canada’s GDP is among the highest in the world.  People believe that migrating to Canada assures them of a basic standard of living and better prospects for themselves and their family.  The healthcare provided is irrespective of income level.  All aspects of healthcare except dental care are covered by the government.  The Canadian government also assures its citizens of unemployment insurance, senior pension, and family allowance.  The college tuition for its citizens is also extremely low.  Another reason why people seek sponsorship visa to Canada is because of the diversity of its population and therefore greater level of tolerance among its peoples.

How Is An Immigration Appeal Filed?

Immigration appeal is required when your application for immigration to Canada has been denied.  This appeal has to be filed before the deadline and therefore it is important to contact your immigration lawyer as soon as you receive the notification.  The lawyer will then file your appeal before the Immigration Adjudication Division or the Federal Court of Canada.  The lawyer will scrutinize your immigration application to find out whether it is a Canadian sponsorship application, skilled worker application, or a Work Visa that was refused.  When an immigration officer reviews your application, he goes through the guideline found in the Immigration Manuals and Immigration regulations to see if you meet all the criteria.  Only then is your application processed further.

When Is An Immigration Appeal Required?

Immigration applications are not usually rejected on the whims of an officer, however, it is possible that the guidelines have been interpreted too strictly or perhaps some of the documentation submitted was not fully scrutinized.  There are even times when the applicant fails to impress the immigration officer during the personal interview.  Your application could even be refused because you did not comply with all the requirements of IRPA.  Other reasons could be if you have violated human rights or is perceived to be a security threat in some way.  If it has been proved that you have not been wholly truthful in your submissions, you could be refused. There are three types of immigration appeal namely spousal appeal, residency appeal, and criminality appeal.

The Significance Of Deportation Appeal

When your immigration appeal is rejected, you could be served with a departure order, exclusion order, or deportation order.  A deportation order is usually issued by the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada or the Canada Border Services Agency and will permanently bar you from Canada.  Deportation orders are usually given when you commit criminal acts and is considered a threat to national security.  If you provide false documentation or overstay in the county after the expiration of the visa, you could be deported.  Deportation appeal is made to the Removals Officer at the Removal Unit of the Canada Border Services Agency to delay your removal for medical reasons, for your children to complete the school year, and so on.  If this is refused then your appeal is sent to the Federal Court.  If it is rejected in the Federal Court, you will of course have to leave the country

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