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Error message while Extracting Zip File

by anonymous

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When you zip a file, you create a compressed version of the file, which is considerably smaller in size than the original file. The zipped version of the file bears a .zip extension. There are many advantages of using zip files as they save storage space and make e-mail transmissions less consuming time among others. However, these zip files have the tendency to go corrupt and when you try to extract a compressed file, you may get restricted by an error. The error can also surface when you are trying to extract the file on a computer with an earlier version of the WinZip. In both situations, it would become essential for you to recover the inaccessible data using an updated backup. However, in absence of a backup, you can extract the zip file using a professional zip repair application.

Consider a scenario, wherein, you use WinZip to extract a compressed file that has a .zip extension on a Windows Vista-based computer, and you may receive the following error message which goes like:

“This file was compressed using an unknown compression method. Please visit for more information. The compression method used for this file is 98. error: no files were found - nothing to do.”

As a result of the above error, you are unable to retrieve the content of the compressed zip file.

Cause You can witness the above error in the following conditions:

You are trying to extract a file that was created with WinZip 10. You might be using a computer which has installed an earlier version of WinZip If you are trying to extract a corrupt zip file

Resolution You can perform the following zip recovery methods:

To extract the file, follow these steps in WinZip 10: 1.Click File>New Archive 2.In the File name box, type the name which you want to use for the compressed file and click OK 3.In the Add box, select the files you want to archive 4.In the Compression box, select Maximum (portable), and click Add

If you fail to isolate the issue, then grab an advanced zip recovery application and recover the compressed files without any hassle. Such tools are easy-to-use and do not require any prior technical knowledge.

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