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Role of CAPTCHA on real human authentication or verification

by mario26

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Is your website containing public submission forms like forum submission, contact page, registration or comment forms? Do you want to prevent your website from automated spam robots and internet bots from creating content poison or spam? The simple answer to this is to implement a CAPTCHA.

CAPTCHA is a process that randomly generates an alphanumeric image which ensures that the entries on webpage are filled only by a genuine person. It is one of the best weapons to prevent your website from the internet bots and spammers. The main aim of this application is to prevent automated actions in various situations. The CAPTCHA is usually used in webmail sites, site having blogs, forums, ecommerce sites, comment-enabled sites and many more.

CAPTCHA adds security features to keep your website protected from unwanted spammers and bots. With the help of internet, you can easily hire CAPTCHA services from service providers as there are lots of websites that offer CAPTCHA tools for your website. No matter what the need, CAPTCHAs are available and customized for any platform like captcha php, andsimilarly captcha joomla, captcha java, captcha wordpress etc.

Given its benefits, sometimes CAPTCHAs pose a challenge even for a real human. To prevent this scenario, you can use efence. Efence is an advanced form of CAPTCHA that provides a much user-friendly challenge to a user, compared to a regular CAPTCHA. In efence users just need to click on a particular portion of an image to access the webpage. The solutions provided by efence are very user friendly, as genuine users can easily execute the process of human verification, but it becomes hard for internet bots and spams to resolve.

Efence is one of the best alternatives for CAPTCHA and is also very useful for small screen devices such as smart phones and tablets. So, prevent your websites from the malicious bots and spammers attack and increase the web serving cost with the help of efence. On the internet, you will find lots of source to get these services, but before you select any product like efence or any captcha service for your website, please check out all the available options, and see which one is best according to your requirements and budget.

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