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Renting Residential/ Commercial Properties in Delhi - A Quic

by rentingmantra

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Buying a house in Delhi of your own is now a far fetched dream for many. Most of us desire a warm cozy house within a budget and in a dream locality, but not many of us can afford it, thanks to the inflation in the economy coupled with rising costs. But all hope is not lost and you can now have your dream home, bought with the help of loans. And if you don’t want to get into the hassles of long term loan repayments, and then have your dreams manifested with Residential Properties On/For Rent.


Well to be honest, the city is a hot spot to buy, sell and rent. There has been an influx of immigrants from other states and countries too, and here people are looking for rentals, since some of them don’t plan to settle in this beautiful city or are here for a short term basis. Moreover, many MNC’s have established themselves here and business is thriving, which means employees from other states and countries too are settling here for short term needs. Delhi has to provide with the demands of accommodation for the same.

Delhi has connections with other cities around, good transportation and other infrastructure facilities which make the city an appealing place to live and work at. But searching for a Rental property in South Delhi can be daunting and more like searching for a needle in the haystack. But once again we are here to help you find that rental dream home to live in, so please follow what we have to say and get things done the easy way. You can get in touch with the landlord or the brokers directly and they would give you more details.

Get in touch with property consultants

If you think the internet wouldn’t help you much with residential properties on/for rent, check with property agents. A suitable home would be shown to you and the service charges for the same would be minimal.

Utility services

Yes, this is important to check when planning on properties on/for rent. Electricity and water shouldn’t be a problem where you plan to move in. the home you take on rent should be close to schools, your office and medical stores or hospitals too. Even the markets and daily grocery needs shouldn’t be a long walk.

What kind of Residential Properties On/For Rent do you want?

Is it furnished or not? There are flats that come with furnishings and without, so you would have to take that call. The former is costlier than the latter, and that would influence your budget as well.

What are the rental price points like in Delhi?

Now this would depend from one to another, such as businessmen and professionals would look at more benefits than what a college student would, or maybe a trader who needs Residential Properties On/For Rent for short term basis. According to what you can afford, luxurious homes would be provided. One bedroom hall kitchen flats would be from rs. 5000- Rs. 12000 around west and east Delhi. The same would cost from rs 12000- rs 15000 or more in south Delhi.

Lajpat Nagar would be around rs 25000- rs 30000 for a two bedroom hall, and the same would be around Defence Colony as well. Hence do you research and then see what suits your pockets.

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