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Create Stunning Website with HTML

by rajdeep7830

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If each part of a layout is transformed into a website with proper HTML coding, the website  that you will get as a result will not only be easy to use and navigate but at the same time  it will be SEO or search engine friendly. Initially both the formatting of the website and the HTML coding are done together. The formatting and the content file can be kept separately in the CSS file that contains fonts and color attribution. When you are planning to do HTML coding you should follow the rules and regulations set by web 2.0.  It requires a lot of technical skill to do HTML coding. As it is said ‘practice makes a man perfect’, the designer will need to practice a lot and keep himself or herself updated with the latest changes before becoming an HTML expert.


Some of the major aspects of HTML for web designing are discussed below.


Fast Loading Websites: When a websites is designed using HTML coding, much importance must be given about the properties of the website so that the websites downloads faster on all browsers. But, this does not mean that you will compromise with the quality of the website. Do not use embedded tables in your website. Today DIV or CSS layouts are used by web designers all over the globe because they make the web design lighter and reduce the downloading time. Do not use HTML tools that are not required for your website. Upload images that are not large in size and also remove unnecessary layers in the image. In gist keep the website neat and clean.


Proper Naming: Proper names must be given to the elements of web design. You will to follow good naming practice while using HTML for website designing. You must not use names like "image 1". Instead, it is better to use the name of the product or the service. The basic principle of naming the website is not only applicable to image but also to the other elements of a website.


Systematize it properly: When you use the HTML for creating websites, the process must be organized properly in a methodical hierarchy. The CSS files must be placed in the CSS folder while the images need to be kept in the images folder. If the placing of the files in the individual folders is not kept perfectly, the safeguarding and updating of the website could become a terrifying.


Search Engine Friendly: When creating a website with the help of HTML5 design, utmost importance must be given to the key phrases and key words and must be used with the correct density. Same words or phrases must not be repeated or used beyond limits. Get a professional web design services that can make the right use of HTML to convert your ideas into reality in the form of a website. Get a web host and then finally upload the HTML code so that the website is visible to the visitors.


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