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Music Concerts in India: Getting better year after year

by PreetiJagwani

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India is catching up in the music scenes. India is now one of the major destinations of many international artists. Music concerts in India are becoming a very regular thing now. NH7, The Great Indian Octoberfest, Sunburn, Rock in India are major Indian music festivals. Artists such as Metallica, Megadeth, Roger Waters, Iron Maiden, Mark Knopfler, Aerosmith and many more have performed in India. For fans it is a memorable once-in-a-lifetime experience. The number of music concerts in India are increasing rapidly with each year. More and more internationally renowned artists are coming down to India to perform. Artists such as Guns n Roses, Testament, Slayer have major fan followings here in India and fans will spare no expense to watch their favorite acts live.

Some of the major acts that are to happen this year are Carlos Santana, Sean Paul, Testament etc. Sean Paul India tour is going to be one mad event. This is Sean Paul's first time in India and die-hard Sean Paul fans are definitely going to go crazy. Apart from these major international acts, there are smaller acts that happen at venues such as the Blue Frog. Blue Frog, arguably, is one of the best indoor venues in the country. With perfect sound acoustics, some brilliant sound-proofing and an amazing ambiance Blue Frog gives the audience as well as the artist an amazing experience, an experience they won't forget. Artists of high international acclaim such as John McLaughlin, Karsh Kale and many more have performed at the Blue Frog. The sound that you can hear at the Blue Frog is unbelievably brilliant. For an indoor venue that holds a lot of gigs, Blue Frog exceeds all expectations.

Music concerts in India, be it at the Blue Frog or any other outdoor venue (such as Mumbai BKC, Palace Grounds in Bangalore) are of international standards. The sound, the people, the artists everything about these concerts match up to the international level. With a huge audience for every genre of music, India is becoming a hotspot for a lot of internationally renowned acts.

Music concerts are one thing, theater is another. Plays that weren't a very “in” thing till sometime back have now become an outrage. Plays and stand-up comedy events are sell-out events. The Comedy Store, Prithvi Theater, Ranga Shankara and many other are places where plays and stand-up comedy events take place. Ranga Shankara is one of the most prolific auditorium that India has. Located in Bangalore, Ranga Shankara is open to all genres and languages of theater. Ranga Shankara is so well designed that it needs no artificial amplification. Everybody in the audience can hear everything clearly. The whole aim of Ranga Shankara was to create an affordable theater that could be thrown open to the masses. Watching a play at the Ranga Shankara is mesmerizing. Ranga Shankara is also famous for its festivals such as Ranga Ugadi (celebrated during the South Indian festival Ugadi), the Mango festival and the annual Ranga Shankara theater festival.