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Setting Up Direct Debits Online

by mikerowland

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With the increasing awareness of "Think Green", it is important to reduce the usage of paper as far as possible and make all the transactions through online means. Direct Debits can provide this facility; organisations and business would be in a position to receive money directly from the customers on the website itself or in the nominated account. It is a convenient option for both customers as well as organisations to make and receive payments respectively and the transaction costs would also be reduced to a great extent. Most of the payment means like credit card, checks, among others, can be very expensive, but with direct debit you will have to make payment only at a flat rate mentioned for every transaction. This will encourage you to improve the frequency of transactions and also improve the cash flow because of lower costs.


For applying to avail the services of Direct Debits online, you will have to give complete details about your valid bank account with a valid and active email address. Each service provider will have their own rules and regulations regarding the online activation, and all these needs to be complied with to get maximum benefits of the services. It depends on your needs as to which method you want to adopt, whether it is in-house or if you want to outsource your website to the service provider. In-house is not advised for people who have limited financial concerns and cannot afford to change the complete system of receiving payments. Even after the installation of high-end software, you will have to get the website's integration done with an altogether different system. All these can be highly expensive and cost of maintenance is also high. Thus outsourcing to a secured and good service provider for receiving the payments is advisable because it would be lower in costs and can be changed into in-house at any time.


With Direct Debitsonline, you can facilitate the opportunity of e-commerce to your customers, and people these days prefer shopping and making payment directly online. It is a secure way of making payment and you will receive all the cash in your account. Notifications would be provided whenever the service provider withdraws money from the account of payer and transfers it to your account to both the payer as well as the receiver. The transaction fees of Direct Debits are fairly low when compared to all other methods of receiving payment. Even the setup as well as understanding the working of the system is easy as all the procedures would be handled by the service provider letting you focus on your business.

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