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A Guide to RV Lifestyle: The Two Types of Vehicles That Domi

by tobiasthrash

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RVs, or recreational vehicles, may have been developed for road trip vacations. But because these also provide the same comfort people get from homes, they are often associated with a lifestyle.

Some people are born with an insatiable wanderlust, and absolutely cannot stay put. Families may even migrate like birds to warmer latitudes in the colder months, and move up north again in spring. Such folks can turn to RVs for shelter and mobility. If you fancy such a lifestyle or aim to buy or rent such a vehicle for your vacations, below are the two popular types that account for most of the RV sales in British Columbia.

Motorhomes A motorhome is constructed on a truck, passenger bus or similarly-sized chassis. It usually has berths or sleeping accommodations for 2- 8 persons. Motorhomes are categorized into Classes A, B and C. Class A, also called integrated RVs are the most luxurious among all motorhomes. Class B or semi-integrated RVs are the smallest amongst all classes, having only simple fixed double beds in the rear of the cab as sleeping accommodation. Class C or alcoves, on the other hand, are double berthed motorhomes.

Towables Also known as caravans, this type of RV is not a complete automobile, and requires a tow vehicle for mobility. These are also further classified into travel trailers and fifth wheels. The former are large towables; while the latter can be distinguished by the extended gooseneck front section that couples onto the tow vehicle. The fifth wheel configuration lessens the likelihood of the towing and towed vehicles folding or jackknifing during extreme maneuvers.

Match-up: Motorhome vs. Travel Trailers In terms of price, motorhomes are more expensive than travel trailers. But the ease they bring to passengers compensates for the difference. With motorhomes, you need not transfer from the vehicle to the towable to sleep or use the bathroom. They also allow passengers to enjoy the trip by watching TV or playing games, as long as they are seated and strapped in. Caravans, however, can be left at an auto shop for repair without leaving the owner high and dry, as he can drive off in the tow vehicle.

Your choice of RV ultimately depends on your requirements, capability, and preferences. Bear these in mind when you visit your RV dealers in BC. For more information, visit

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