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Full Tilt Poker License got its approval from Isle of Man Ga

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There is no stopping the ultimate re-launching of Full Tilt Poker, now just less than a month away, as Isle of Man officials approved its license to operate its on-line poker site (again). As one may recall, the Full Tilt mobile poker gaming license was previously revoked by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission in 2011 because of mismanagement issues and the company almost disappeared from the face of the planet forever. Then, ion a twist of fate, the company and its assets was acquired by its longtime rival, Poker-stars in August last year. As a result, it moved its computers and servers within the Isle of Man (home of Pokers-tars) trying to meet the Gambling Commission’s regulating standards and policies.


The Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission has strong regulatory measures that the Full Tilt Poker was able to meet in its effort to win the approval of the Commission to grant its license to operate. With high regard to its standards and quality of online gambling operations observed by its licensees, the officials of the Commission are confident that Full Tilt Poker can maintain good standing in meeting the high standards for maintaining its licensees. The mismanagement problem that confronted Full Tilt Poker was already resolved and its new management finally gained the trust and confidence of The Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission officials as deserving to operate their on-line mobile gambling business once again.


Under the new management of Poker-stars, the Commission’s Chief Executive Officer Steve Brennan justified their decision of granting Full Tilt Poker its license to operate knowing that Poker-stars have good track record in terms of its adherence to the high standards and regulating policies implemented by the Isle of Man Gambling Commission. Since 2005, Poker-stars has been operating under their watchful eye with no issues at all. It was noted however that - although under the management of Poker-stars - Full Tilt Poker will operate independently from it. Former players of Full Tilt Poker were assured that the site, once back in operation, will be highly secure with reliable on-line mobile betting services to its players. The re-launched site has been upgraded and guaranteed to provide adequate protection to its players. As of the current time, Full Tilt Poker management is busy loading their servers in the Isle of Man with over 200 staff working on it and it was reported that the company is still in the process of hiring more staff in preparation for its launch on November 6th. There is no doubt that much preparation is needed in order to bring back Full Tilt Poker’s prestige in reclaiming its former rank as number two in terms of on-line poker players in the virtual world; however, it will be interesting to see how tarnished their brand has become after the whole player payment (or lack of payouts) fiasco after the US DOJ seized their site and assets in April 2011. Also, one must wonder: what is the story behind Poker-stars even purchasing their competitor. Surely, odds are that they already have all the customers that Full Tilt had. Is there a hidden agenda or does Poker-stars genuinely believe that the brand was strong enough and worth saving? We will know very soon.

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