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Oxford Circus escorts have been working hard to satisfy

by connorjamie

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When you think of Oxford Circus, it can depend if you’re a Londoner or from out of town on what your thoughts will be. Out of towners see Oxford Circus as a yearly pilgrimage, or twice yearly if you’re a sucker for the sales. Oxford Circus tube station, coming out right onto Oxford street, is the gateway to one of the most popular shopping districts in the world, certainly in London. Rather than Regents or Bond street, Oxford Street houses all the shops and stores that us regular folk can afford. They also have some of the most price-friendly escorts in Oxford Circus. With Topshop’s flagship store right on the corner, it is a must visit for an trendy gal who wants some new threads. The nearby Carnaby Street also ensures the place is kept full of hipsters that like their shoes and things just that little bit different. The walk from one end to the other can take hours, especially if you take a trip to the Primark store - a store that should not be entered without everyone in the party having a full bottle of water, passed their coat onto someone else, and has a plan and a clear direction in mind. This is purely because it’s thirsty work, can get insanely hot, and you won’t find anything unless you specifically know what you’re looking for.

Londoners, however, know better than this. They will avoid the area at all costs. Why? The chances of getting a seat on the tube are lower than Barack Obama riding the tube at any point, without a plethora of bodyguards. Changing at the station, which sits on a number of lines, is almost impossible as fellow passengers refuse to move, often laden with bags (be it after Christmas when the sales have occurred or before when they have done some work for other people in the shape of gifts) because if they do get off to let you off, you can’t be certain that you’ll be able to get back on.

The city of London is huge, yet still this area of town pulls in the crowds on a massive scale. Because of this, Oxford Circus escorts have been working hard to satisfy the customers who come-a-calling. Taking a wander down Oxford Street, in the direction of Selfridges, and you’ll be able to find somewhere that you and an Oxford Circus escort can enjoy - in peace! The Hix Restaurant, with a Champagne and Cavier bar is a good place to start. Not for those afraid of spending some cash, this is an incredibly luxurious setting and the perfect meeting point for a companion. You are, after all, in one of the most fabulous shops in the country.


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