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Pinnacle Cart developers

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Make Your Online Store Three (Web, Mobile & Facebook) in One Using Pinnacle Cart

How about having three different websites for desktop/laptop devices, mobile users and Facebook? Wouldn’t it include endless man hours, huge investment and lot of planning!

Not at all, if you’re using Pinnacle Cart. Having just a website has become a thing of past. Companies need to be omnipresent- on worldwide web, mobile phones, iPads, iPhones, android devices and social media especially Facebook. They simply can’t afford to miss on any of these aspects and lose customers.

So, why not combine all these into one and have a website that can be optimally viewed on social media networks, web and mobile devices? This is what Pinnacle Cart allows you to do. You can combine all your stores into one and have enriched functionality while offering your customers a superior browsing experience regardless of the means they use to access your store.

Initially, the installation and implementation of this software application may seem quite easy. ButPinnacle Cart development and customization at more advanced stages requires professional expertise so that it can be deployed to its full potential.

About Pinnacle Cart

Pinnacle Cart is an open source shopping cart software application known for its administration and inventory features. The easy-to-use framework offers excellent shopping experience to customers regardless of their location, currency, language and choice of shipment. With a wide range of pre-designed or in-built templates, it is capable of handling unlimited inventory, payment and shipping options, QR codes and PCI/PA-DSS compliance.

Pinnacle Cart Features

1.   Mobile and Social Media Friendly

Pinnacle Cart provides online stores with complete compatibility with mobile devices including smart phones, iPhones, iPads, tablets and Facebook along with desktop and laptop. A single website can be optimized for web, mobile and social media. Companies no longer need to have different websites to ensure wider accessibility.

2.   Easy Management of Unlimited Inventory

As mentioned earlier, Pinnacle Cart allows you to upload unlimited inventory under different categories along with their images, QR codes and other specifications. The process of uploading, displaying, handling and managing inventory is extremely simple. The best part is that you will receive updates on regular basis about the stock. This keeps you informed while allowing you to plan in advance.

3.   Compare Products

Like you compare things when shopping in a mall, it can be done even on an online store that uses Pinnacle Cart. It offers customers the convenience of comparing two or more products on the basis of their features, utility and price allowing them to make an appropriate choice depending upon their budget and requirements.  

4.   Search Features

There is no limit on the products you can feature or sell on a Pinnacle Cart website. It offers a search feature to browsers using which they can shortlist the products by brand, features, size, price and other filters. This provides customers with all available options immediately.

5.   Payment Options

Pinnacle Cart offers around 30 payment options including credit cards, MasterCard, Visa card, net banking, PayPal, American Express, Intuit, eChecks and many more. Customers can choose an option that is most feasible to them to make the payment.

There are numerous other features that make Pinnacle Cart a right choice for online stores with unlimited inventory catering to masses cross borders. In order to deploy its features to maximum potential and keep up with the advancements at cost effective prices, it is wise to outsource the job offshore and hire Pinnacle Cart developers. This can be done by collaborating with an offshore web development company.

Kuntal Mehta (KJ) is the managing partner of Seashore Partners, a web development, e-commerce solution and SEO company headquartered in New Jersey, United States. In this article, he discusses main features of Pinnacle cart showcasing how it is the best choice for online businesses catering to customers across borders. He further suggests that outsourcing Pinnacle Cart development and hiring Pinnacle Cart developers is the best way to cut development costs.

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