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Tampa Roofing Contractors Notifying You of the Characteristi

by willienorman

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To better defend your house from the weather, you may wish to get a heavy roof. But before you employ your roofing professional, have you questioned if the framework is up for the responsibility? Have you ever before pondered if the roof can support such density and stress especially when there's a hurricane raging over Tampa?

Clay, slate, and concrete are among some of the heaviest products applied in roofs, and their mass calls for some significant reinforcement. A heavy array of roof tiles atop weak trusses or roof deck is just a case of structural failure waiting to come about. This breakdown can potentially do more damage than any storm if the tiles and trusses do not add up. In any roofing project, Tampa roofing contractors look at the type of framework to be set up before selecting from among the readily available roofing materials.

Clay Roofing

Of the 3 roofing materials presented, clay tiles are the lightest with the ordinary square (unit used in roofing, 10x10-inch area) weighing around 600 to 650 pounds. Clay roofing tiles are perfect as fundamental armor for roofing, enough to protect Tampa residences from irregular hurricanes and various other weather disturbances. More or less than 100 tiles comprise a normal square of clay roofing.

Slate Roofing

The average weight for slate roofing tiles per square is about 800 pounds, moderately heavier than clay but lighter than concrete. Even so, some slate roofing tiles can weigh as much as 1,500 pounds, making it way heavier than concrete. Be cautious with these products as they can induce serious injury when they fall off and hit your head.

Concrete Roofing

Commonly, concrete tiles are the heaviest of the three, weighing at least 9.5 to 12 pounds per square foot (950 to 1,200 pounds per square). Despite their bulky weight, they present outstanding security and last just as long as metal roofs. It ought to be noted that concrete roofing tiles also take the design of clay roofing tiles: Spanish, Mediterranean, or double-S. You'll require a really heavy-duty support framework to shoulder such weight.

For additional help and advice about the weight of different roofing materials, you can browse write-ups at For Tampa roof repair and other correlated services, do not think twice to speak to your reputable roofer.

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