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The History of T Shirts

by davein

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T-shirts have been around for close to a century now although the origin is still hazy. According to historians, the t-shirt originated from European army but it is not clear whether it was the British or the French army. The European army wore them underneath the uniforms and it is here that the American soldiers copied the idea of t-shirts and included them to be part of their uniforms.


These newly created undershirts brought comfort and grew particularly popular with the US navy seals as they permitted easy movement and could also dry quickly. By the 1920s this apparel had become a part of the official wear of the army and also a part of the American and British English. During the World War II, the t-shirt was being worn as underwear and was considered inappropriate if worn alone.


Apart from the US Army, it was the Hollywood that led to the popularity of the t-shirts when popular celebrities began wearing them on the screen. It all began with some newscasters wearing them on top as the main wear something that had not been seen before. This increased the popularity of the t-shirt and it was now considered a cool wear of people rebelling without a cause.


In 1960s, the t-shirt took a new turn especially with the tie and dye craze and also the birth of screen printing; it became a new fashion craze. It was now an important player and driver in social change in ways never witnessed before. Most protesters from then henceforth began wearing t-shirts adorning their social or political statements. Music also began capitalizing on the t-shirts in the 70’s when the creation of t-shirts with images and lyrics printed on them become an in-thing. Rock n roll bands were the main beneficiaries in this captivating millions of their fans worldwide.


T-shirts after this became the official wear worldwide regardless of the location. People began wearing them in the workplaces and during relaxing time.  On the screen they were greatly personalized by celebrities who showcased their latest wear. The emergence of customized t-shirts is the one that drove the popularity of this apparel up the roof as now people would come up with their designs and also create their own images and slogans.  T Shirtsare fun to wear and they are also an important part of culture and effective tool of communication. They will continue to be part of the popular culture for a long time.

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