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Hire a PrestaShop Programmer to Implement Security Features

by manishyadav

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It is very important to secure your PrestaShop based e-commerce software, and to do that it is very important to Hire Prestashop Developers who would also take care of the entire website management and troubleshooting. Generally, e-commerce websites come with many different features and unknowingly wrong installations can lead to security breach. There are number of features in the software suite that needs to be implemented purely from the security purpose. This calls for a great understanding of how the security aspect can be balanced with increasing number of software features. This is because, many a times, website referral features lack authentication and restriction. Some of this feature can be like ‘Refer this page to a Friend’. So in order to promote the website through referrals, a developer would often miss to add the password authentication feature. Implementing security features is no rocket science but it definitely calls for a great insight and understanding into the security aspect of anything that is on the web.  
Some of the very simple ways of ensuring security of an e-commerce website are: 
•Ensuring SSL encryption- This refers to a protocol that encrypts the data that is being transferred between the client and the server. For using this feature, a developer needs to get a private SSL certificate.  
•Enabling ‘Check IP on cookie’ feature- This feature can be both enabled as well as disabled from the backend.  With the help of this feature, IP address of the user is checked with that in the cookie.  
•Enabling security tokens- The feature of security tokens is enabled by default. To keep it enabled, it is important to ensure that ‘Increase Front Office security’ is set to ‘yes’.  
•Ciphering the Algorithm- The process of ciphering is used for securing the account details.  There are two ciphering algorithms in the backend from which one needs to select one. One is ‘Rijndael with mcrypt’ and the other is ‘custom BlowFish class’. In order to change the ciphering algorithm, a developer has to click on the ‘Preference’ tab on the admin panel and then the ‘Performance’ tab.  
•Securing IP address basis Geo-location- Through this PrestaShop feature, an enterprise can restrict users from certain countries. The accessibility of a visitor is determined by his or her IP address.  To configure this feature, a developer has to log in to the backend of the PrestaShop and click on the ‘Preference’ tab followed by selecting the ‘Geolocation’ sub-tab. Before doing this, one has to mandatorily download the archive to the local computer, unzip it, and then upload its content to the folder dedicated for the geolocation tool on the hosting account. This by itself is not a critical task but one has to know about this feature. Therefore, if you think you need to implement these features, you have to hire prestashop programmers    
Apart from the above-mentioned ones, there are some other ways of securing the website: 
•Restricting access to admin directory 
•Securing the admin password 
•Setting a regular back up mechanism 
•Managing databases 
•Ensuring correct file permissions 
•Managing add-ons 
•Disabling critical PHP functions 
•Blocking access to template files 

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