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Learn More About Hypertension To Reduce Blood Pressure

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How can a person detect that he is going through this problem? It’s through the pressure readings of our blood which is measured through sphygmomanometer. If it consistently stays above 140 over 90, you are at all risks associated with hypertension.


The problem arises due to increased readings because this high pressure exerts force on the heart and blood vessels disrupting their normal working.


Signs and symptoms-


Though, it is said that hypertension is a silent killer as no particular symptoms arises out of it. However, a few changes in your body can help you predict in this direction. Some of them can be occasional headaches, fatigue, etc. But the actual condition can be revealed through instruments only.


Causes of blood pressure-


If you are looking for one or two things which causes this problem and you will avoid it, then I am sorry you will not find that. There are several reasons of the problem varying on the basis of person’s age, location, gender, weight and many other things.


It is said that mainly the individual’s lifestyle is responsible for making him susceptible to this health risk. Below are some of the common daily habits which we do unknowingly making us prone to this disease.


  • Eating too much table salt
  • Hating fruits and vegetables
  • Living sedentary lifestyle
  • Overweight
  • Smoking and drinking too much


Giving importance to these things can help you reduce blood pressure. Along with these causes, your age, ethnic origin or family history can also be responsible for having hypertension.


Now, after discussing the causes, one must know how they can reduce blood pressure. Here are some of the effective measures-


Eat salt in less quantity- Taking too much salt will definitely shoot up your BP. Thus, you should always keep a track of what how much you eat. Sometime, you cut your table salt intake but that is not enough. There are prepared foods like breads, breakfast cereals, or ready meals which can add to your salt quantity.


Maximum intake of fruits and vegetables- fruits and vegetables have miraculous effects in controlling high blood pressure. Therefore, you must consume fruits at least the size of your fist.


You can also try dried, canned or tinned fruits but make sure that they do not contain any added salts, sugars and fats.


Maintain a healthy weight- if you are overweight or obese, losing weight can save you from the risks occurring from hypertension. For this, you can opt for low fat and low calorie food. Increase in physical activity will also help you with this. 


Less smoking and alcohol- These two things are dangerous for your body in every way. So, try to be away from these as much as possible. If you can’t at least reduce the frequencies.


Live an active and healthy life- for an active lifestyle, it is important to have at least 30 minutes of physical activity every day. If you cannot give these 30 minutes in a stretch do that in smaller quantities.

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