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Electronic Cigarettes: Live a Healthier, Lung Cancer Free

by dnieva

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Cigarette smoking has been around for hundreds of years. Ever since the discovery of tobacco as a nicotine rich element, it has been rolled into paper based sticks, which are lit and smoked to give dosages of the stimulant. However, cigarette smoking is the lead cause of preventable diseases like lung cancer and a host of other damaging diseases. With this, there has been need to find a healthier way of getting to have dosages of the stimulant without serious or any actual harm to the user. Enter the electronic cigarettes, the perfect substitutes for the tobacco based cigarette.


Electronic cigarettes are considered a God sent gift by most cigarette users. Mostly, an e-cigarette is considered the best way to quit or even lessen the urge to smoke. This electronic option works in a way that lessens risks of contracting unwanted tobacco and tar based diseases through giving shots of nicotine like aerosol spray that calms the users’ nerves and offers some form of stimulation. Through vaporizing a propylene glycol or glycerin based liquid, it offers a liquid mist that is inhaled thus imitating cigarette smoking. The great thing about the e option is that there is no actual smoke emitted, thus, making it easier for you to smoke wherever.

How it works

The electronic cigarettes are superficial mechanically activated devices. There is no actual tobacco put in them, therefore, making it one of the most convenient ways of quitting tobacco use. An electronic cigarette consists of major components. These are the cartridge, an atomizer and a battery. Let us have a look at these elements to see how the electronic cigarette works.


The battery

The battery part of the electronic cigarette houses the most essential part of the cigarette. It holds the circuitry and the batteries that make the cigarette work. Without this part, then the whole cigarette will not work. In most cigarettes, the battery also holds an airflow censor that activates the creation of aerosol spray with drawing in of air. It is usually charged by a USB charger,



 The cartridge part is also considered as the mouth piece. It holds the liquid reservoir which is usually heated up in the atomizer where it is turned to a vapor. Once in vapor form, the gas then passes through the cartridge once more to the users’ mouth. When depleted, one can refill the reservoir or replace it with another.



This is the heating part of the e-cigarette which transforms the liquid to vapor. It consists of a small heating coil that heats up the liquid turning it to a gas. It is usually placed at the center of the cigarette.

With these three in place, all you need is to have a steady supply of the glycol or glycerin based liquid for the cigarette to work. This makes the electronic cigarettes the best option to living a tobacco free life. 

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