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Orange County Detox Diet: What Makes It Successful

by tiffanivillagomez

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According to a 2011 report made public by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 37.5 percent of the whole U.S. population deals with adult obesity. It was also found that about 20 percent of the Californian population can be considered obese. This isn’t good news as people who are overweight are at higher risk of developing medical conditions such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, gallbladder disease, and specific types of cancer.

To manage weight problems, lots of people turn to diet plans that not only help them shed unwanted pounds but also rid their bodies of chemicals and toxins—a process called detoxification. A few of these methods feature vegetarian and fruit diets that target impurities and excess weight. Without medical guidance, however, such diets could spur deficiencies of important proteins and fluids that cause headaches and fatigue. Given this, it would be smart to work with a medical practitioner when thinking about an effective Orange County detox diet treatment.

Medical practitioners can satisfy the needs of obese people with a well-formulated diet that targets bad fat and leaves good fat intact to guard the body's organs. Such a diet plan must take into account the patient's safety and constant weight control needs. A good option is the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or HCG diet.

HCG is a hormone normally found in the placenta that stimulates the hypothalamus to regulate metabolism during pregnancy. The HCG diet includes low-dose daily injections of HCG supported by a high protein, low carbohydrate/fat, and low-calorie diet. HCG works by curbing appetite and reworking the body's metabolic rate without the person experiencing headaches or fatigue.

Under the HCG diet, folks are under strict orders to go through weekly assessments and to have their body weights and measurements recorded. It's best to pick a medical facility that uses an advanced fat analysis machine that accurately determines whether patients are indeed shedding body fat and not muscle mass. The practice must also educate patients about healthy eating choices as a means to ensure optimal outcomes.

No pain, no gain—this is what determined weight watchers often whisper to themselves. But if chronic or acute pain in the legs, shoulders, and knees become too serious, then it is necessary to seek cold laser therapy and other techniques for pain management in Orange County practices to prevent further interruptions to daily activities. For even more information, go to

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