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Lake Bottom Blanket- an effective way to control lake weeds

by lbblanket

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Possessing a lake or a pond in your premises is a very good way to make the place look beautiful. But it is evident to get a huge growth of algae and weeds in the pond. The most common way people adopt to get rid of the unwanted plants is to put chemicals and herbicides in the water. However, people fail to realize that there are many other organisms such as aquatic animals and plants present in the water and they can get badly affected by such harmful toxic substances.
With the growth in agricultural sciences, many new safe and effective ways have come into being to provide a better solution to pond owners asking how to control pond weeds. These new ways are toxin free and take care of the aquatic life in a natural way. The aquatic life needs adequate amount of oxygen and sunlight to survive and grow in a healthy way. These elements are also the key factors responsible for the growth of weeds and algae. An innovative method being commonly used nowadays for weed control is using a lake bottom blanket.
The lake bottom blanket is made of a material which is dense in nature but lighter than water to keep floating in it. Due to the high density of it, it avoids the sunlight from reaching the water bottom which is where the weeds grow. As a result, the weeds won’t get the required amount of sunlight and won’t be able to grow. It is made lighter than water to be able to keep floating and allowing movement of water animals under it. Heavy rebar weights are tied to the ends of the blanket to keep it at its desired place. These blankets can be placed in the area where a large growth of algae is expected. After the season of growth of weeds is over, these blankets can be taken out and stored to be used the following year.
For pond owners asking how to control pond weeds, this method provides all the answers in the best way. These blankets come in various sizes so that you can pick the most appropriate size according to the size of your pond. You also have an option to order a size which you think will cover most of the area of the lake bottom.
The growth of algae and weeds at the bottom of a water body affects it in two ways. First, it extracts oxygen from water and traps it into itself not allowing the aquatic animals and plants to use this oxygen for their growth and survival. It also traps the sunlight from reaching the plants present at the base of water. Thus they fail to grow. Secondly, it makes the pond look filthy and dark. Generally ponds are installed in the homes for decorative purpose. The weeds acquire its space at the bottom of the pond. Due to no sunlight reflection from the pond base, the inner part of it becomes invisible. So it is very important to put an end on the unwanted weed growth in ponds.

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