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The mysterious allure of a dark haired woman

by williamsjack145

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Blondes may well have the monopoly on the saying that they ‘have more fun’ however, men all over London are dating, lusting over, and fantasising about dark haired beauties. All its takes is a quick flick through any newspaper or magazine, and you will find that there are dark haired sex symbols everywhere you look. From The cute and curvy Martine McCutcheon, the ever shrinking kitchen goddess Nigella, or even the gorgeous TOWIE Lauren Goodyer, all these women have one thing on common. Not only are they beautiful, but they are also the proud owners of a barnet fill of raven hair. And it’s this attribute than many men are turned on by. Instead of looking sunny, and easy breezy like their blonde cohorts, these girls are sophisticated, classy and a little bit mysterious. If you think you can handle one of these girls then why not arrange to date gorgeous brunette escorts?

Women in London in general are classy, charming and sophisticated, and brunette escorts in London are no different. If you want to be seen in town with one of these girls on your arm then you need to play it right. You can’t just arrange a date with these girls and then expect them to be happy with a DVD at your place and takeout. These are girls who like the best, and that includes the company they keep. Why not book a table at your favourite restaurant? This way you can wine and dine your date, and get to know each other better. Pull out all the stops and then maybe even book a room at Hazlets or Pelham Hotel. This way once you have finished your meal and had a few drinks at a nearby bar you can both call it a night and head to your room in the most romantic of settings. You will find that not only will this put you in the mood, but it also will give her a reason to pull out all the stops later on and treat you to some fine sensual massaging or even a little hanky panky, if you think you’re up for it!

More importantly, this is a girl who when you have her company, should be seen by the masses. Heads will turn when you wander the streets with a girl this gorgeous. Feel your personal stock rise when you get approving looks from women in the street, and envious looks from the men. Brunette escorts have a certain power, the power to attract attention and use it for sexy fun. Nothing else matters when you have a sophisticated, gorgeous woman on your arm, and in your bed, and you will find that you will leave any date with these girls feeling empowered and very satisfied.


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