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Kinds of Anchor Bolts and Fasteners in Calgary

by alphonsedaigle

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What is residence to about 1.2 million people is Calgary—the largest city in Alberta. You're undoubtedly one of these people, who—at one point during your move-in or remodelling of your home—realized you needed more shelves or storage area in your residence for those keepsakes that needed to be stored away, or those books that you just cannot give away. Whether you're organizing to add a few racks or closet areas in your residence, understand the types of anchors, bolts, or fasteners in Calgary you'll have to make use of:

Anchor Bolts

There are many types of anchor bolts, but they're normally used for attaching particular things, such as shelves and clothes hooks on the wall. And there are some heavy-duty anchor bolts that are used to secure the foundations of a residence or building. These enhanced stainless steel bolts are naturally and significantly thicker than their light-duty counterparts because they're suggested to settle and prevent a structure from disintegrating or breaking down.

Drywall Anchors

Drywall anchors are made use of particularly for connecting shelves and other light elements on dry walls or ceiling. There are 2 sorts of drywall anchors generally utilized in Calgary residences: metal anchors and plastic anchors. The most evident difference between the two is their weight capability—an aspect which you ought to very carefully look at.

Metal Anchors. Metal anchors come in different sizes—length and density—but they can usually carry up to 32 lbs (14.5 kg). You'll be using at least 3 anchors on one part—or on each end—of a shelf anyhow, so this indicates that your shelves can carry up to 88 lbs (40 kilograms). Because your kid will not be sleeping on the shelf, you can rely on the strength of the anchor bolt.

Plastic Anchors. Plastic anchors are the weakest kind of anchor, but they can still typically carry at least 10 lbs (4.5 kilograms). They can be used to attach fire detector on the ceiling or light photo frameworks on dry walls. They're still quite reputable even though they can carry much less weight than metal fasteners.

Trusted carriers of fasteners in Calgary can offer a broad selection of anchor bolts and other kinds of fasteners. No matter the sort of fastener you'll require, you can be sure many house construction companies in Calgary provide the selection of fasteners and tools you'll require for your project. For more details about fasteners, visit

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