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Indian Web Hosting Companies Taking Over the Foreign Firms

by lanostech

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Since the internet has come into existence couple of decades ago, the technology has gone through a lot of evolutionary developments. This includes the nature and use of the websites as well. Previously, the sites were mostly a one way portal to impart information to the viewer; the web hosting was a simpler process then. Today, the use of a site has dramatically evolved that has everything in its dominion from providing information on products, services as well as making collection of money for the sales or charity. Indian web users contribute a lot to this latest phenomenon, and the top web hosting companies are encashing this trend.


A website represents the idea, concept, product, services and many more things of the site owner over the net. Most of the owners of a website in India, have a primary objective to generate revenue through their site. This makes the requirement of a good and established web hosting company in India. This is more so because the foreign companies have a slightly higher quotation for their hosting services in India. Whereas the domestic companies have same or more variety of hosting services at a reasonably low rate with best client assistance facilities.


Indian web hosting companies give all kinds of web hosting, on the various servers that a client would require. This could vary from shared servers to a cloud server hosting. Other than the earlier server, rest of the servers give the root access to the web master for the appropriate functioning of their site over the hosting server. Shared server hosting doesn’t give this adroitness to the subscriber, although it is the cheapest web hosting server for sure. The other servers that are mostly used, consist of dedicated server, virtual private server, and cloud server.


The dedicated server hosting is an exclusive service for any site. Here one server with all its hardware, and software, serve the requirements of your individual site only. The C class IP has only your site on it. You have a choice in everything that could be installed on the dedicated server. These could be from the choice in OS, hardware components like the hard drive, RAM, Processor etc. to web related applications along with other minor or major things. This server can be maintained and managed by the service provider or by your technicians. This is extremely costly yet highly effective, and safe, for it is separated from the other server entities; completely.


Virtual private server hosting or VPS hosting has the same features as the dedicated server hosting but it is based on the concept of a shared server. A physical server is sliced into multiple virtual servers that are then used to host a client’s site on it. The resources are shared along with the maintenance cost of the overall server, which consequently lowers the cost of hiring this hosting service by one individual client in comparison to the dedicated server. This is the best option when someone wishes to upgrade their hosting services, from a shared server to a higher subsistence.


Cloud hosting is something that is being preferred by most of the mid level site owners. Here your resource usage is as per the performance and incoming traffic to your site. You do not have to preset the resources and pay for them in advance. Here your site is being hosted on a network of hosting devices, so your data is afloat the net, and backup is always being prepared. Thus, your site is always online without the threat of a downtime. Since your sites’ required resources are being provided from the available lot of resources, which are scattered within the cloud network, you pay for what you use. This hosting service is mostly picked up by the site owners who have a heavy traffic only a few times of the year.


The operating software can be chosen among the variety of Windows or Linux. Now the Indian web hosting companies understand the pattern and the demand of the Indian net user who surf the web all the time. If the  India web hosting companies  give you search engine optimization service, even with some additional charges, don’t hesitate to take it. An SEO hosting service will only improve the ranking of your site, in the search engine result pages. This will boost the business and revenue generation possibilities that you have always desired.


Lanostechnologies  is one of the leading web hosting India companies catering to a large clientele across the globe. Based in India it has the most feasible dedicated, VPS and cloud  hosting services India even with linux hosting server operating systems to provide maximum ease at a lower cost to all the clients.


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