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Understanding bicycle spare parts and their functions

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Bicycles are one of the oldest forms of transportation. Even today millions of people travel by bicycle daily to their work, college, universities and distant places. We are promoted from our childhood days to do cycling as it is one of the easiest ways to keep fit and healthy and works well towards environment protection. They are made of different components that are simple in working. Today there are different types of cycle for different kind of cycling experiences. No matter what type of cycle you choose be it a mountain bike, road bike, hybrid bike or transporting bike basic bicycle spare parts are the same. Following is the description of some cycle parts and their important functions in the cycling-

Wheels – Nobody can imagine a bicycle without wheels. They are indispensable part of the bicycle basic frame. There are usually two wheels in any bicycle and hence the name. Every wheel is made of carbon fiber rim, hub, wire tension spokes and the axle. It also includes a rubber tube filled with air. Nowadays, there is a huge variety of wheel tires in the market.

Cycle Frames – Without the frame it is impossible to construct any bicycle. It is the basic structure on which all the other components are fitted. Different bikes have different types of frame styles. The diamond frame is the latest of all and commonly used in recent models. It includes two types of triangles – a rear triangle and a main triangle.

Brakes – Another important bicycle spare part is its brakes. Some of the most common types of the brakes are disc brake, drum brake, rim brake, etc. They are very crucial part of any cycle as they help in stopping the bike immediately avoiding accidental situations. They are generally applied slowly to stop the high-speed cycle or slow it down. When the rider applies force on the brakes placed at the handle bar it creates friction between the brake pads attached to the rim of the wheels and ultimately slows it down and eventually brings it to a halt.

Pedals - They are attached at the center of the cycle frameand are manually operated by the rider by pushing to increase the speed of the vehicle. They are turned by the rider in continuous motion to gain momentum and reach higher speed.

Apart from above parts there are front and rear lights, reflectors, ball bearings which are small, but important bicycle spare parts. All these parts can be easily bought online through various e-commerce websites.

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