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Climate-Appropriate Roofs for Vancouver and Richmond

by brendangertner

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Roofing systems have become stronger than ever before. Some homeowners may even consider wooden shingles for their homes without apprehension; however, they must commission roofers to provide regular maintenance for their wooden shingles, especially before and after winter. In any case, many roofing materials are suited to the cool climate of Vancouver and Richmond.

Vancouver in British Columbia experiences an oceanic climate, which is typically rainy from October to March, but is rather dry the rest of the year. These extremes can take their toll on the roof, which is constantly exposed to wind, sunlight, and precipitation. This is why roofing contractors recommend that homeowners get the strongest roofing shingles there are.
The same is true for the nearby city of Richmond, which actually experiences 30 percent less rain than Vancouver because of its distance from the mountains. Unlike Vancouver, where snow is not too common in the areas near sea level, Richmond does experience snowfall regularly. This means that homes require shingles of great durability and exceptional quality to withstand the forces of nature.

Richmond roofing contractors may recommend asphalt shingles, which are tough, long-lasting, and beautiful. Asphalt shingles are made primarily of fiberglass core shingles, which are covered with asphalt and colored ceramic granules; these give the shingles the appearance of either clay tile or slate. Asphalt shingles are excellent guards against snowfall because they have strong weatherproofing qualities that can resist melted snow flowing between the shingles. Moreover, the ceramic granules can prevent the snow from flowing onto the gutters and causing ice dams.

The roofing contractor Vancouver homeowners hire would be glad to tell them that function does not sacrifice aesthetics. There are asphalt shingles that come in different cuts that give the roof an impression of being aged without the downsides of actually being old. Contractors can create marvelous shingle patterns with shingles of different colors.

Vancouver and Richmond roofing contractors would also be glad to point out that these shingles are good guards against hail damage. Hailstorms can come unexpected and can cause significant damage. However, with these tough shingles, hail damage is minimized, and roofers can repair roofs more easily; for more information, see

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