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A Look at PC Business Marketing

by davidbyrd

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There are numerous American computer companies that can claim San Francisco's Silicon Valley as their homeland. The nation's leading technology center started life as the Stanford University-owned Stanford Industrial Park. Companies such as Hewlett-Packard, Apple, and Yahoo can easily chart their beginnings to the University.

Silicon Valley's history is to credit for its track record as one of the world's foremost technological regions. Birthplace to the microprocessor, the very first radio station, the first global radio communication system, and the first software including graphical user interfaces (GUIs), it's no wonder the location is submerged in innovation.

Nevertheless, firms making a name for themselves in the business, particularly in the firmly loaded region of the Silicon Valley, will no doubt buck horns with one another to battle for market dominance. The famous rivalry or collaboration of the businesses Apple and Microsoft is one example; the competition between the two was so strong, that it was even represented in a well-received movie, Pirates of Silicon Valley.

To raise themselves above the rest, PC businesses have actually turned to strategic marketing, something the advertising agencies in San Francisco are no stranger to. The most effective computer ad drive in current memory would have to be Apple's famous "1984" commercial, made achievable by the Chiat/Day ad firm. The effect this commercial had was so huge that it created income for Apple and was regarded as among the most notable ads in history.

This focus on counting on powerful advertising effectively raised the business of San Francisco ad agencies, and assisted these computer businesses obtain global attention as they got in the worldwide market. Furthermore, PCs─ which were starting to reposition from office-exclusive hardware to the personal computers (PCs) we now understand─ needed to entice firms as well as home users. Unexpectedly, the computer was a must-own device, and Silicon Valley's think-tanks needed to market to the homeowner's appeal.

Definitely, the development and reputation of Silicon Valley would not be feasible without the ad agencies in San Francisco and its ingenious means in selling PC products. Without these agencies, computers would remain as computing machines only, never to find any type of use past calculating spreadsheets and printing documents. For further details on the Silicon Valley, log onto

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