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The Horse-Drawn Beginnings of the Modern Travel and Cargo Tr

by tiaoshields

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The way people tow a trailer is actually no different from the way people ride a horse-drawn carriage. Over time, only the trailer and the towing medium changed, but the concept of towing something at the back of a truck goes way back. It was a time when wars were fought with steel swords and windows were simple holes.

Trailers and recreational vehicles (RVs) wouldn’t have been possible without horses and their wagons, carrying goods or people to any part of the world. Being drawn by an animal with four hooves may have been slow, but slow was still good at the time. In some cases, the carriages even acted as the earliest mobile homes for many people, notably traveling entertainers. In other words, the concept of a mobile home was in play since the dawn of time.

When the era of cars arrived, horses were slowly replaced by combustion engines. The earliest cars weren’t as fast as what you drive today, but they were considerably more efficient in hauling heavier loads.

On the other hand, the carriages also underwent some changes to haul cargo better. As a result, the first contemporary travel trailers were made and used that could still be towed by cars. One of the most popular brands of trailers was the Airstream line, which is now considered a fortune by antique collectors. The distinct design of the Airstream trailer influenced future designs of Edmonton travel trailers, as well as other trailers.

Today, cars can still tow smaller trailers; however, with most travel trailers weighing more than 2,000 pounds, workhorses like pick-up trucks are more desirable. Over the years, the travel trailer has grown considerably huge, primarily to feature an enhanced degree of comfort. The cargo trailer Edmonton residents know has also undergone a change in size. Likewise, what used to be a humble wooden carriage is now made of steel and composite materials.

For more information about the evolution of trailers, you can check out the resource website on Moreover, see how much the travel or cargo trailer Edmonton has changed from the rustic horse-drawn wagon in days of old by visiting a dealer.

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