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5 Strategies For Utilizing Twitter

by anonymous

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Twitter has definitely become one of my favorite social media networks because the communication flow is so much more open compared to Facebook. You can do searches on interests without having to worry about security issues, and you can really build up your network in a much more informal way compared to other social networks. Here are five strategies you can utilize to get more from Twitter for your brand:

1. Offer Value

Posting tweets like “I offer graphic design” is more than likely not going to get you ANY clicks because it offers no value whatsoever to the user, unless they happen to view your tweet and really are urgently in need of a graphic designer. However, if you tweet out articles and blogs (that don’t necessarily have to be your own) such as “5 Awesome Business Card Designs” or “Top 5 Logos of all Time” – those types of tweets grab the attention of the user and cause more clicks.

2. Use Hashtags

Just like a diet, moderation is key when using hashtags. If you use eight hashtags per tweet, then the value of your tweet decreases significantly. I suggest using one to three hashtags per tweet, and ONLY use hashtags which are relevant to the information in your tweet.

3. Use a URL Shortener

I use Hootsuite to manage all of my Social Media Marketing Campaign platforms, and of course Hootsuite offers a great URL shortener that also allows you to track your URLs click-troughs’. A URL shortener is important for two reasons: (1) It allows you more room for content in your tweet; (2) Allows you to track which type of content is getting the most click-troughs’.

4. Ask for Retweets

Don’t be afraid to ASK for a retweet. You would be completely surprised at how successful this strategy is. I do it all the time, especially when I’m tweeting out my blog posts, and you would think it sounds desperate, but it’s a great strategy and most people who are actually interested in the content in your tweet, WILL retweet it.

5. Call to Action
Just like ANY Social Media Marketing Firm strategy, you NEED to include a strong call to action. The perfect tweet will include valuable content at the beginning, a call to action, followed by the shortened URL, and if you have room, hashtags. A call to action could be something as simple as “Download this!”, “Click here!”, or “Check this out!”.

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