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Two most common types of string wet floor mops

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The market is flooded with all types of cleaning products and chemicals. Cleaning solutions or detergents have become more sophisticated in recent years, but the mop remains the traditional tool for applying them on the floor.  It is very important to choose the right kind of mop from a variety of wet floor mops in the market. The mop should be cost effective with efficient cleaning performance on the surface. There are many factors to determine the right mop for your kind of surface.

Mops can be chosen depending on size, content, material and application process. It is important to choose the right size of wet floor mops for the convenience of the person who will be mopping. In many floor mops wringers are provided to rinse and wring out the water easily. If the mop size is not in tune with the user it can result in low productivity and tiredness. The construction of different floor mops varies greatly with the kind of surfaces they are used to clean. Two important types of floor mops are looped end and cut end mops.

Loop-end mops - These mops are little expensive as compared to other mops in the category. They are known for excellent floor performance and greater durability. They are less likely to fray as a tail band is used to tie and hold all the strings together. Tail bands also eliminate yarn tangling and snagging. Looped-end mop heads can be reused again and again. They are more convenient and last longer than cut-end mops. They come in all sizes like small, medium and large. Tail bands improve coverage control, saving time and labor.

Cut-end mops – These are most commonly used wet floor mops. They are cheap compared to other mops hence are widely used. They are used to clean almost all types of floors efficiently.  Cut end mops have loose strings, which fray and unravel overtime. It may also create lint and leave loose strands behind. The mop heads leave gaps between yarn strands and cover lesser area at one time. Although they are cheap, their life is limited depending on the use.

These floor mops are made of various materials like cotton, rayon, blends and microfiber. All these are designed and developed by keeping different kind of surfaces in mind. Recently many cost effective and efficient versions of floor mops have been launched in the market.

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