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Austrian Study Shows Customers in Ford Dealers

by delsiemaidens

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There’s a lot you can tell about a car just by looking at how it stares back at you. A 2008 study discovered that not only do car buyers associate faces with cars, they’re also attracted to those with angry faces! As such, you can tell that most cars in the market today have their game face on.

The study in the spotlight was conducted by researchers from the University of Vienna in Austria on behalf of a consulting firm also based in Vienna. As part of the methodology, an equal number of men and women were asked to rate 38 passenger cars released between 2004 and 2006. Emphasis must be given on the fact that the study only involved passenger cars and not vehicles like the Hummer.

The study showed that one-third of the subjects saw faces in nine out of ten of the cars. Though quite bizarre, science actually has a term for this: pareidolia or the tendency of a person to look for a familiar thing, like a face, in an unusual medium. Then again, how does it explain the fact that people like cars with angry faces?

For that matter, who doesn’t like a car with attitude and pizzazz? The subjects claimed that cars with angry faces held the impression that they were brimming with style, strength, and power unlike the cars with neutral faces. A related article on cars with angry faces ranked Ford’s Interceptor model as one of the top ten, but Ford dealers Oakville car buyers visit have other “angry” models in store.

Among the list of Ford’s “angry cars” is the classic but reliable Ford Mustang, a pony car that performs as superbly as it looks. One review for the new 2013 Shelby GT500 model says the car itself looked angry as it bristled with power under the hood. Its 5.8-liter V8 engine, capable of dishing out 650 hp, backs up the angry facade. You may drop in on one of the Ford dealers in Oakville to look at some other angry-looking models.

For more details about the study, you can visit the official website of the University of Vienna at You can also check news websites like and If you want to start your search for a car with an angry face, visit a local Ford dealer Oakville car patrons recommend.

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