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How Sedation Treatments are Used in Dentistry

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Dental phobia is a very common problem that prevents many people from getting the necessary dental treatment neededto maintain a healthy, beautiful smile. The team at our Bellingham dental office is dedicated to helping patients overcome their anxiety so that they may finally achieve the smile they have always wanted and deserve. To make that smile a reality, we offer sedation dentistry services to help you relax and be comfortable while in your dentist’s care. Today, we are going to discuss the different types of sedation available, and we hope you will consider if one of these methods can be beneficial to you.

Inhalation sedation is probably most familiar to the general public. Nitrous oxide (commonly known as “laughing gas”) is an inhaled through a tube; it is tasteless and odorless, yet it allows you to feel happy and relaxed.

Let’s look at another type of sedation treatment known as oral sedation.  Oral sedation refers to those medications in pill form that a patient can take prior to their visit to the dentist. These medications are generally anti-anxiety medications, however pain-killers can also be effective sedatives. This type of sedation can be crucial to helping those with severe dental anxiety, as they might make it to the office otherwise.

Intravenous sedation (IV) allows anesthesia to be reach the bloodstream directly through a needle in the hand or arm.  Either anti-anxiety medications or stronger medications can be administered, depending on the nature of the treatment. For example, stronger medications can be used for oral surgery or other potentially painful dental procedures so that patients do not have to experience any anxiety or pain while being treated. In these situations, patients will remain conscious during the procedure, but they will not recall the details afterward.

Sedation dentistry now provides several treatment options to make it possible for patients to overcome the fear that keeps them from visiting the dentist. Our Bellingham dental office can assist you in choosing an appropriate sedation type for you. Please contact us to learn more about your options and discuss your concerns!



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